What is it with some of our County Councillors in Waverley?

As the Conservative Associations get to grips with selecting their new, or maybe…existing county councillors…dare we suggest they make a few changes!

Perish the thought that the Waverley Web could be accused of interfering in the stuff of other people’s lives… what us… never! But…

Farnham’s Denise “the girl” –  Gal – has been busy cooking up a little financial deal and swopping her county council hat for her Waverley Borough hat with monotonous regularity. She has played  her cards so close to her ample chest that even some of her county council colleagues didn’t know about a county council £58m  partnership with Waverley  to fund Farnham’s  East Street’s Brightwells scheme – a scheme that the commercial world wouldn’t touch with a bargepole!

Oh, but course she won’t be going anywhere, will she because she’s head honcho at SW Surrey Conservative Association? So no doubt she will select herself?Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.01.49

She believes people dislike and her because she is Canadian, rubbish we in Waverley love The Mounties, and Maple Syrup, no,  it is much more to do with what she is doing to “our Waverley.”  WW  wonders… is she the right person to represent Farnham Hale & Heath End ?  We hear  she spends so much of her time cooking up financial deals, not meals, that she isn’t seen at Waverley that often these days… well I suppose it is a bit parochial for her when she has much bigger fish to fry and wants to pursue her passionate obsession with developers.

We also understand that now Carole Cockburn who has been a bit outspoken at “Your Waverley” recently, has been put on the naughty step and has been turned down for David Munro’s Farnham SCC seat in favour of Wyatt Ramsdale. Oh Carole!

Over in the East of the borough it too  we hear that it to has a little local problem with selecting its county council candidate. As  Alan “of the secret meeting fame” Young who is so keen to get developers to work together that he rings them up and asks them! He is  hell bent  on creating Cranleigh New Town – 750 in the pot and many more to come and is making himself unpopular into the bargain. He  is leaning heavily on his local Conservative branch to select him – “or else.” Apparently they won’t and has  passed the poisoned chalice to Guildford Conservative Association?

He is ably supported by the local paper who will turn out a photographer to watch Councillor Young pick  a rose, his nose, or spout his prose and the local jokers say he will turn up for the opening of an envelope.

His latest little exercise to get his mug shot,  was a meeting to consider such issues as flooding – would you Adam and Eve it from the man who has helped bring about mass building in the area he is supposed to represent. Such hypocrisy knows no bounds.: Young

He should log onto the Cranleigh Society website and watch the video  of flooding in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh after a shower on Saturday? www.cranleighsociety.org

And…why we wonder is Councillor Young buying his Tory colleagues gifts of the rather large kind…and it isn’t a meal on wheels?

Perhaps our Annie should be dipping into the pot at Guildford Conservative Association and finding someone decent to do the job, even though according to the locals  he is really ready, willing and waiting to fill Our Jeremy’s shoes? Oh dear! Aspirations are very high then, does he know something we don’t?

And then of course there is Councillor David Munro who has moved on to much bigger things – pledged to vacate his seat at county and borough? As Police and Crime Commissioner he has plenty to contend with and has a conflict of interests if he stays in all his old jobs…doesn’t he?

However, lets give him his due, he did say he would not pay himself the controversial
increase in members’ allowances and  instead donated the money to charity.Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.09.20.png

The SCC for Farnham South  waded into at bitter row, saying the 20% increase in the remuneration he receives for his duties as council chairman was not justified. Perhaps he might do the same with his  £70,000  plus expenses as police and Crime Commissioner?


2 thoughts on “What is it with some of our County Councillors in Waverley?”

  1. When Cllr David Munro so magnanimously donated his 20 per cent unconstitutionally gained pay increase to charity he in effect appropriated it,as defined in The Theft Act,in other words he spent it as if he owned it himself. I am sure we would all very much like to be given such a large sum of money and have the pleasure of giving it to our own chosen good causes without real cost to ourselves. If he felt so bad about it he should have sent it back to S.C.C. I am sure they could do with some more money with Cllr Le Gall giving out insecure loans to bestest friends like Cllr Potts and the diabolical new financial downturns thanks to Mr Cameron’s I’ll placed Euro bet could bring about an even worse outcome.

  2. And there we were at the Waverley Web thinking that Councillor Munro had not claimed the allowance leaving the taxpayer better off. When will these politicians realise there is no such thing as Local Authority money or Government it is taxpayers money! As for the Farnham Gal – well that loan may come back to haunt her thanks to her Tory Master’s badly thought out Referendum that has resulted in chaos.

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