Dunsfold homes decision delayed?

This cannot be true – can it?



Considering one of the largest planning applications in the borough during the Silly Season when most of the country is on holiday, not really, surely not?

Well dafter things have happened. WW can recollect many important decisions/consultations being made and conducted during  past Summer  and the Christmas holidays.  However, with the Draft Local Plan now published including provision for 2,600 houses on the brownfield British Aerospace site at Dunsfold Park , perhaps it is all over bar the shouting?


Perhaps someone, somewhere will have the good sense to consider the application in September, by which time there is half a chance the webcast may be working so that maybe the residents of Waverley who have passing interest in what is going on around them, may be able to listen to the debate? Click here to read the Haslemere Herald 16.06.23 – Dunsfold, Not if but how many

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