Cranfold New Town here we come?

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  This map is on the Cranleigh Civic Society Website – and the WW believes it now high  time that it called a public meeting … and asks the East’s Borough Councillors answer to the public for their actions?

The Civic Society is most definitely …

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But are its  borough councillors?


Just a month ago a housing scheme for 265 on an “isolated” site in Cranleigh was  kicked out by Waverley Planners  – well no wonder the planning officers fought fearlessly  to bulldoze it through – it was already in “Your Waverley’s Daft Local Plan.


Waverley’s favourite borough developer Crest Nicholson is up for another hundred or so houses in Horsham Road, Cranleigh to add to the 149 already granted…Because, after all the Plan  has earmarked 1,500 new houses in  Cranleigh and another two or three thousand in the villages around.

Put another 2,600 houses on Dunsfold airfield and a few hundred in all the villages around and “Your Waverley” has..quite simply dumped 45% of its housing allocation for the next 15 years right bang slap in the East of the borough.Where there is   no railway, poor bus services, outdated  schools, overloaded sewage treatment works and general infrastructure. Where there is inadequate car parking and roads that are brought to a standstill when delivery lorries turn up, and single track narrow roads over bridges where accidents are  commonplace! Clever or  what?

By God!  All those “secret meetings” chaired by Cranleigh Councillor Brian Ellis ably assisted by his wife Patricia and the Stennett duo Stewart and jeannette, certainly did do Cranleigh proud!

They appear to have  ensured  that the creation of Cranfold, everyone’s worst nightmare scenario  is about to come true!

Congratulations must be heaped, along with the overflowing poo, on the East’s local councillors who together and “in secret” have worked tirelessly to ensure that  the rural nature of the area which has been treasured by generations of local people has been well and truly trashed. Flying in the face of residents’ wishes that brown fields should be built on first.

Except of course – we must not forget Councillor Ellis’s words spoken just recently when he persuaded all his Joint Planning Committee colleagues to grant another  75 houses on Little Meadow in Alfold Road, Cranleigh because  he claimed Cranleigh needed more houses as the shops needed more footfall! He then waxed lyrical on what those shops were: Charity shops and coffee shops and described  Cranleigh as “The coffee shop village of Surrey.” If ever anyone needed a double expresso it’s him. 

Perhaps someone should erect a monument to these traitors – answers on a postcard please to: mailto:contact@waverleyweb.or

Just in case this isn’t sending you to the sick bowl: There’s more.

  • Alfold Village 100
  • Dunsfold 80
  • Ewhurst 65
  • Bramley 70
  • Wonersh and Shamley Green just a little old 20. No wonder its local member Sleepy Goodridge puts his hand up every time more homes are up for granting in Cranleigh! Well that if if he is awake!

So if we have our sums right – that makes 4,400 houses of Waverley’s housing allocation in the Cranfold New Town area.

The remaining 2,230 go to Farnham; 1,240 to Godalming; and 830 to Haslemere. No wonder the For Sale signs are going up!

All this goes before the Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee at 7 pm. on Monday 27th June. 


2 thoughts on “Cranfold New Town here we come?”

  1. Whatever happened to Camaron’s mutch vaunted ‘Northern powerhouse’ where all the money & development was going to happen in Manchester & around that area? Nobody want’s to go there I suppose, the south of England is full to bursting & they just want more &more to come here until the houses, & people fall into the sea along the south coast & then we can start re-claiming The English Channel like the Dutch & truly become a part of Europe prehaps.

  2. The WW team had a good laugh at your idea of the reclamation of the channel – that is until our laughter turned to tears when we realised dafter things could and have happened.

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