It’s official 2,600 homes in Waverley’s draft Local Plan in Dunsfold.

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Will ‘Your Waverley” soon have another fight on its hands? 

With two Local Plans for the borough consigned to the bin – might a third soon follow?

Why? Because having dumped over 850 houses on the green fields in and around Cranleigh “Your Waverley” has published its Daft Local Plan – Version 3 – by earmarking 2,600 homes on the borough’s largest brownfield site at Dunsfold airfield.

It also proposed removing Green Belt restrictions  around the villages of Chiddingfold, Elstead, Milford and Witley to expand their boundaries and provide “space for the villages to grow.”

There will also be “limited growth” in Alfold, Dunsfold, Ewhurst, Fresham, Tilford, Shamley Green and Wonersh.

They have also earmarked 2,300 houses to be shared between the towns of Cranleigh and Farnham. So Cranleigh which already has over 850 houses granted, will have reached its limit on its green field sites once appeals pending on brown field sites are determined and before the ink is even dry on the Draft Local Plan.

The plan proposes building “at least” 519 homes per year – 9,861 between 2013/32 many of them either about to be or under construction.

Infrastructure and  road improvements to serve the 2,600 proposed at Dunsfold, are still under discussion and the plan still has to go through a few hoops – including several Waverley Committee’s before it is published. It will then go before a Government Inspector for a final decision before it can be adopted and become Waverley’s blueprint for the future.

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One thought on “It’s official 2,600 homes in Waverley’s draft Local Plan in Dunsfold.”

  1. Why am I not surprised ?

    They sneak it in saying it is a NEW Settlement – thus they can by-pass the limited development for Alfold and Dunsfold – Why do they think it won’t affect these two small villages upon which it borders…. Do they think it is on another planet???????? they make me so angry…

    I shall email Anne M and Jeremy until they are so sick of hearing from me

    What do Waverley think they are doing?? It just beggars belief

    WW – Please keep doing what you do! I know we don’t always give you the credit you deserve – But You DO deserve it

    Thank you



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