Is Care Ashore’s planning application becoming Alfold’s well kept secret?

WW is receiving e-mails from puzzled residents in the Alfold area – wondering if  the planning application lodged by Thakeham Homes for 400 houses at Springbok  in Alfold has bitten the dust? WW notices there is no mention of it in the Draft Local Plan. However, it does earmark 100 houses for Alfold – 55 of which have already been granted at Sweetwater Copse! So where does that leave Springbok?

Just a few months back we at WW were blogging quite  regularly following Thakeham’s round of “secret meetings” which planning officers now claim were “not secret meetings,”  with all the other developers eager to building in and around Cranleigh.

On behalf of Care Ashore, Thakeham seeks permission to build over 400 houses on the Springbok Estate in the Surrey/Sussex border village.

Of course WW understand the round of meetings were not secret,   just that they didn’t tell anyone, including the parish councils that were affected with only a select group of developers  chosen to take part – Oh dear!  No wonder Liz-the-Biz Waverley’s head honcho doth protest too much! And…no wonder Farnham Councillor Carole Cockburn finds Cranleighgate “rather disturbing” and does not approve of councillors, officers and developers “divvying up Cranleigh and,” amongst themselves, asking why the same rules do not apply in Farnham – or perhaps they do and she hasn’t been told or invited! 

Funnily enough CC, WW and most of the public in Waverley find it more than disturbing …

… they find it totally unacceptable!  

Whilst  – all the others – Berkley Homes; Crest Nicholson; Crownhall Estates; and Cala Homes have all been given planning permission, three  of the “secret clan” have yet to claim the golden ticket to the Cranleigh New Town club – Threadneedle – refused and now at appeal),  The Knowle Park Initiative; (refused) now in the Local Plan  and of course Thakeham Homes. 

On behalf of the Seafarers’ Charity , which claims it will go down the pan if it doesn’t get  housing development, Thakeham want to cover green fields at the back of Loxwood Road with houses. These would link up with Dunsfold Road adjoining land where Dunsfold Park want to build 1,800 on the airfield.

Now that a decision on the the borough’s largest brown field site at the airfield is expected  in August, and Threadneed has gone to appeal for 120 homes on the Hewitts’ Industrial Estate; where does that leave the 400 + hundred earmarked for the Springbok Estate?

The application is way out of time – so who is holding it up? Does Thakeham Homes have to build a belfry for the bats, or could the delay have anything to do with the fact that tankers are pumping out sewage out on a daily basis all around the East of the borough?

Last WW heard, Thakeham hadn’t put forward a bat survey? Here’s what Surrey’s Batman has to say about the Chiddingfold Forest which adjoins the Springbok site…

Bat Objection Dec 2015.jpg

For more read here:- Awfold… Alford… or could it be Alfold that developers are invading?




5 thoughts on “Is Care Ashore’s planning application becoming Alfold’s well kept secret?”

  1. Is Mr. Baker aware of the “battery” at risk in the CNS plans for Farnham’s Brightwells development?

  2. Interesting, but not highlighted very often, is a member of the joint planning committee is also a Care Ashore trustee,

  3. Some of us are aware – however, non of the Waverley web watchers can view the deliberations – because…yes, you guessed the webcast is conveniently broken again!

  4. Love the fact that Thakeham thugs keep spouting on about local support. So the staff that get free housing support it. Care Ashore staff get free housing from their employer. Why wouldn’t you fight for that ?Then they say the village is being hostile to them and all they care about is their view. If you were asked about a picture you took on Facebook…. something like… That’s gorgeous. Where is it? You might reply.. on the estate where I live and am also luck enough to work. Smiley face. But I live on the side we don’t want to concrete over!
    Known for licensed poetry!
    Or you may be related and then your are looking for the real gravy train.
    Now we get down to UK bribery and corruption law. Which hopefully this will stop. if anybody related to anybody who works for the charity gets to live in a property for less than market value then that will be investigated. I am sure it will not happen but hopefully this note ensures tat.

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