Is Surrey’s highways department itself in need of a bit of maintenance?

The criticism being levelled at the County Council’s highway “experts” is becoming rather commonplace at Waverley Towers.

So much so that it is almost impossible to find councillors supportive of its comments...

no let’s rephrase that…lack of highway comment, with  no objections raised  to even the most ludicrous of developments in and around the borough.

The attitude these days appears to be one of “let it rip” and “to hell with the consequences” or “suck it and see” within Surrey County Council’s  corridors of power. WW, thought the role of highway “experts” was to ensure  the safety of road users was paramount and its pivotal role to monitor development plans that would provide sensible traffic movements, and parking in and around our towns and villages?

 In Farnham recent developments approved around the town are destined to make a dire traffic situation, even worse. A recent  development  proposed in Wrecclesham was deemed hazardous for cyclists and pedestrians. however,  there was no objection from the highway “experts.” Although councillors expressed their concerns – schemes are approved. Why?

Over in the East of the borough a scheme approved on a country lane (Amlets Lane,) is predicted by the locals to cause chaos on a narrow country lane which accesses three local schools – one of which is for special needs’ children. Another on Widwood and Knowle Lanes has the country roads heaving up, and a road maintenance programme of eye watering proportions being carried out on a daily basis. No objection from the highway “experts.”

But a recent scheme in Catteshall Lane, Godalming by Woodside Park properties hit the buffers big time as a mixed housing/commercial development near residential homes and in an area which has undergone years of housing development, brought an unanimous objection from Waverley Councillors despite strong support from officers.

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Despite an officers’ recommendation to approve and encouragement given to councillors by Liz-the-Biz Simms, concerning the scheme’s “desirability,” not one members of the Joint Planning Committee voted for it. They claimed it was totally unacceptable that a four storey development should be allowed on a cramped brown field site where there would be 56 parking spaces too few! Development that proposed 107 homes at a density of 66 per hectare, and commercial development and a nursery school – all in a highly congested area of Godalming – but yet again….

No objection from the highway authority or Waverley  planning officers. Thankfully our elected councillors stood up to their masters and said a unanimous …NO!

What is it with “Your Waverley” planning officers and the highway “experts” – are they hell bent on ruining our  environment.

Well done Waverley councillors for kicking this one into touch!

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