If you fancy a nice day out pop along to The Tate Gallery in London.

From the 10th floor viewing platform you can get a 360 degree panoramic view of 21st century London?


what a mess they’ve made of the skyline!

It really is a measure of how times have changed that the artworks in Tate Modern that once caused such controversy now seem quite civilised and reasonable when compared to the speculative concrete outside that prompts feelings of conceptual bewilderment, you can hear people muttering around you – call that a city, most two year olds could build something better than that?

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 22.21.55.png

Are architects vying with each other to make an ever stranger shaped building,  we are waiting for the Penis Tower – yet to come no doubt.

This isn’t one of the new buildings – this is The Tank – an interactive art and video installation, inside  Tate Modern but no doubt someone will soon copy it and it will provide some luxury flats?

Oh! and by the way. don’t try and rent or buy one of those outrageously priced flats. They are called, buy to leave. In other words foreign investors  buy them – then they go back to from whence  they came, leaving it empty,  hoping its value will rocket ever skyward.

Well – long may it last, in the meantime London’s homeless are being pushed out into the Home Counties and into “Your Waverley.” Those buyers who want to “nest” rather than invest don’t stand a chance – do they?


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