That pernicious little Waverley birdie has been at it again!


We have been tweeted by a Waverley bird (no, not a Blue Tit, but a big, black Crow if you’re interested!) advising us that Constable Chaos has been busy investigating a few complaints about some alleged dodgy-doings involving a couple of Waverley Borough councillors who, it is believed, may not have been entirely transparent about their personal dealings with developers.

Of course, the Waverley Web could not possibly comment, but rumour has it that all is not well in that little village over in the East of the borough – you know, the one that some councillors would like to see become Cranleigh New Town.Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 18.28.04.png Apparently awkward questions are being asked about “When is a pecuniary interest not a pecuniary interest” and “When should a pecuniary interest be declared,” etc…

Despite attempts by Chief Planning Officer “Liz-the-Biz” Simms to dampen down the notion that some council officers, borough and county councillors have been engaging in “secret meetings” with developers – hence all the highly successful planning permissions gained in England’s largest village – on the brink of becoming England’s smallest New Town – she has not been completely successful. Liz-the-Biz could not convince the Joint Planning Committee members that the same practice of “secret meetings” – which it has been claimed by the recently resigned (from the Parish Council but not Waverley Borough Council – Yeah, we’ve been thinking what you’re thinking: Just how does that work?) Councillor Brian Ellis were “not secret and to say they were is offensive,” – had not also been employed to deal with planning issues in Farnham.

Note to Councillor Ellis: If the meetings weren’t secret then why didn’t you tell your parish council colleagues about them? What’s really offensive is you clinging onto power at Waverley Borough Council despite throwing your toys out of the pram and resigning as a Parish Councillor, when you didn’t get your own way, but not having the decency to resign as a Borough Councillor. Your place on the Borough Council was created by your election onto the Parish Council. Ergo, if you resign as a Parish Councillor you should have the humility and common sense to resign as a Borough Councillor. Not use your position as a back-door to getting your own way by other means. Have you no shame Councillor Ellis??? Exactly the same goes for the Stennett duo who have also resigned their parish seats!
But we digress: Now, we are told, PC Plod has been called in to investigate with the Borough’s Monitoring Officer – one Robin Pellow – just as the latter is about to jump ship! Just in time we say Rob! Get your trainers on and start running…fast!

At least the Bobbies don’t have far to go to carry out an investigation into several complaints now they’re sharing offices with the Councillors at The Burys, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump up the corridor. No doubt all will be sorted out to everyone’s satisfaction soon …
We at Waverley Web are taking bets on whether anyone will mention this uncomfortable little issue. Because we all know, to our cost, that Waverley doesn’t like to wash its soiled linen in public – at least not until all the by-elections in the offing are safely out of the way! Nice to see all is well with “Your Waverley’s” pledge of honesty, transparency, openness … we could, of course, go on but the electorate gets the picture … they’re not daft … are they?


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