Councillors who left their brains behind could cost Farnham dear?

Whilst voting through Farnham’s £100m Brightwells, East Street scheme  with indecent haste – No scrutiny by “Your Waverley’s” very own Overview and Scrutiny Committee, legal advice given “in private” that the scheme was “risky” and certainly no questions or statements allowed by the public reveals that…

Local Democracy is certainly alive and well  and we are safe in the hands of our  elected borough councillors aren’t we? 

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 09.20.21.png
This says it all about Waverley Borough Councillors…? When they got up last week and voted for the East Street development they left their brains behind, didn’t they?

If you want to know what its own Overview & Scrutiny Committee think about its own internal O & S function watch it here:TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING?

13301486_10154224452726613_1887370746507353801_o.jpgHere are a few letters from Farnham Residents’ taken from the Farnham Herald.

Yes…just a couple of letters from protestors, who Waverley councillors described as, people who have too much time on their hands!

Join the ranks of Waverley Borough Council and learn how to …   insult your residents, win friends and influence people eh?12871482_10154208893326613_6738679875098907114_n.jpg


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