Don’t let poo get in the way of progress – eh Waverley?

Some residents were “astonished” to discover that Cala Homes is asking Waverley Planners to remove a condition that could prevent it building 125 homes on a Cranleigh green field.

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This is Amlets Park the site for 125 Cala Homes in Amlets Lane, Cranleigh coming soon?


However, we at the Waverley Web were  not in the slightest bit surprised – neither will we be surprised when  the planning prats  remove the condition giving the scheme the go-ahead !

Cala intends to have a pre commencement Grampian style condition changed to – yes you guessed  folks a post development condition!

In other words for the uninitiated – Cala Homes  gets to build 125 homes at Amlets Park – and deals with the effluent after everyone has moved in chucking another few swimming pools of effluent into a sewage works that cannot cope. Presumably, in the hope that by that time Thames Water will have got its act together and upgraded the Elmbridge Road Poo Factory.

According to the Cranleigh Civic Society that is battling Cranleigh’s corner on all fronts, and needs much more  help from its friends to keep up the fight that Cala  says talks between Thames Water and Surrey County Council are – LONG TERM” and they don’t want this nasty smelly little problem holding up its development, our words not theirs.

Perish the thought that poo gets in the way of progress – eh?

Of course poo – is not Waverley’s problem – according to its new Chief Planning Officer Elizabeth Simms. She argues: The planners are there to plan future development not concern themselves with the stuff of other people’s lives – like lack of basic infrastructure, be it flooding, sewage, surface water, transport etcetera, etcetera, –  that is  someone else problem.

We at WW – are  in agreement with the Cranleigh Society that “Your Waverley” needs  to “wake up and smell the **** that is affecting the lives of Cranleigh people now – before a single brick has been laid on  over 800 houses that the lovely Liz has already managed to dump on Cranleigh.

The upgrade to the sewage works and the problems with low flow rates at Cranleigh Waters are long term (over 5 years) and need addressing NOW not when the houses have been built!

So Ms Simms tell Cala Homes that the conditions cannot be removed until all these works have been completed to everyone’s satisfaction. If not…

every time a lavatory backs up and spills over; every time sewage pumps up into residents’ gardens or any more nasties flow into Cranleigh’s streams and  rivers they will be gathered up and posted to you at Waverley Borough Council, Council Offices, The Burys, Goldalming,  GU67 1HR and marked URGENT for your attention.

Perhaps it is also time to start withholding your rates to “Your Waverley” What do you think followers over there in Cranleigh?

Please Object to the removal of this condition on the Waverley planning portal wherever you live in Waverley – because the whole borough should stand together to fight this one.

To read more on the Cranleigh Civic Society.

Object here:

If this is approved it sets a precedent for other applications in Cranleigh and ultimately means that properties will be built and left vacant until upgrade works are completed.

Waverley cannot even be certain at this stage whether Cranleigh Waters, which stops flowing now at certain times during the year, can actually accommodate the current level of sewage and the results of trials by Thames Water are unknown and will not be available until sometime in 2017.

It would be utterly irresponsible for Waverley Planners to remove this condition at this time,  let them know you object.

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