Has Cranleigh’s “digger driver” dug himself into a big hole?

That is the question many Cranleigh folk are asking following the sudden resignation of the Stennett duo – Stewart and Jeannette from their parish council seats a few days ago. And,  by the way – this is the second time he has resigned as a parish councillor!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 22.19.03It all began two weeks ago when Councillor Stennett  declared an interest in the Knowle Park Initiative Planning application for 265 houses in Alfold Road, Cranleigh. The borough councillor for Cranleigh East declared his “pecuniary interest” in the Flying Dutchman’s scheme – and so did his parish and borough Councillor mate – Brian Ellis.

However, a row ensued a few days later when Brian Ellis  decided his was not a “pecuniary interest” as reported by a councillor officer, but a “prejudicial interest,”  and ticked off the Waverley clerk responsible for the mistake. As we post – Councillor Ellis too – has resigned his parish council seat!

Then just days later – both Councillors Stennetts and Brian Ellis spoke passionately in favour of another planning application for  75 house application opposite the Flying D’s little property venture, at Little Meadow, Alfold Road. Neither declaring any interest – either pecuniary or prejudicial!

Three days later – both  Stennetts resigned from the parish council giving no reason WHY?

Perhaps this little Minute of a “secret meeting” held behind Waverley’s closed doors in September last year with Councillor Brian Ellis in the chair en famille , and with the Stennetts, in tow – will help make a very muddy pond clearer.  For most the plot  the plot thickens!

Please read, digest, but do not hold your peace. And may the force be with you all in Cranleigh as you attempt to work out just what are the people you entrusted with your vote just one year ago up to?  Cranleigh Deveopers – meeting notes 15 September 2


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 18.10.59.png
Wasn’t a housing application turned down by Waverley Borough Council on this brownfield site before this meeting took place, and hasn’t the owner – Threadneedle been forced to go to a costly appeal? 

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 18.10.32.png

Ah! but you didn’t stand down from the Joint Planning Committee did you? And… not only did you vote for an application without declaring any prejudicial interest – you did not declare that you had been working with Hamish Robbie of Crownhall Estates (the applicant for Little Meadow) together with  WBC on a joint scheme to build an industrial estate on the Green Belt in Guidford Road, Cranleigh with £1m of the council taxpayers money! A decision  made in secret by the Full Council!

and.. why were only certain developers chosen to take part in your, oh so secret meeting/s?

Only one Question now remains? … Are these people who ride roughshod over the good people who voted for them over there in Cranleigh going to resign their borough council seats too… and soon?

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