All about Baked Beans from the has Beans at Waverley.

Don’t bother to try and view the webcast of Waverley’s  Joint Planning Committee Meeting of 17 of May 2016 to watch  two important planning applications.

You know the sort of application that affects people lives, their environment, their safety, air quality, roads, etc…

One was to  to build what  Councillor David Else described as a “dull, unimaginative and boring development” of 65 Bewley Homes  and then presumably voted for it, by the time the vote was taken everything had stopped! So your guess is as good as ours. All on  the A325 a congested road in Wrecclesham,  Farnham. This adds  another couple of hundred cars to the existing 14,000 that go past this site  every day, adding to the 35,000 on the A31  adding even  more cars to the 45,000 that use Hinckleys Corner in Farnham ever day!  All of which makes the vehicles using the A281 Guildford/Horsham Road, that everyone keeps banging on about,  look like a country lane.

The other application was  for another 75 houses added to over 800 already granted in a year in Cranleigh. Little Meadow is  on another green field on a narrow country lane in Alfold Road Cranleigh, adjacent to another access to the 425 Berkeley homes  granted on appeal nearby. 

All you will get is the first  part of the debate on the Farnham application – just enough to determine that Farnham’s roads are set to become even more congested …. and this for the rest of Waverley’s webcast… Yes…this is Waverley Joint Planning Committee at its best – nodding through hundreds of houses whilst the rest of us count beans! Can this useless, inefficient; crass bunch of individuals get a webcast that actually works, and for that matter a planning committee that actually works for the people it was elected to represent in the in the borough? 

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.39.33.png
This is part of Waverley Borough Council’s recycling video which replaced the JPC meeting – oh well, what more can you expect. 

For God’s sake Waverley start acting like a professional outfit – or hand it over to some one who CAN! – sorry about the pun WW

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