Is elder abuse alive and well in Waverley.

Most definitely  say the borough’s elderly who are corresponding with us at WW!

They are angry that services provided by Age Concern Waverley (AGEUK) disappeared without  notice,  despite assurances from Waverley’s PR spinners who claim all is sweetness and light  for old people – Well WW  and the elderly know…

 it isn’t!

It is quite surprising, how,  with the benefit of anonymity, how  brave older people become. By the way, We hold their contact details, if ,”Your Waverley” needs them?

Said one old,  disabled, and practically demented, homeowner going through a  housing nightmare of mega proportions in Farnham and who claims he is being  ignored by “Your Waverley,” councillors and officers alike!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 17.32.57.png“Well WBC is  never going to help me as  “I  own my own  home, despite the fact that it is their tenants who are making my life hell.” His home has been devalued by the neighbours from hell, and is now unsaleable and he feels unsafe in his own home? 

The disabled amputee said: “Waverley B.C. should put a health warning on their website to potential complainants against doing so. It,  should read as follows:- Any complaint about our tenants will be ignored as we will not take any action whatsoever against them no matter how anti-social they are nor will we take part in any sort of honest discussion about what action we will take or the lack thereof.”

He continues: Meanwhile the noise, aggravation, intimidation, shouting and general nuisance will continue unabated till you go away, die or end up in an institution. We are God (Waverley) Amen.
This is all smill fry to you WW as I see almost every day the level of corruption & sheer incompetence  you are exposing in your blogs – so keep up the good work & good luck. 

Absolutely nobody is hearing me any more over in Godalming.  

Environmental (Julie) says I can’t complain about the XXXXX family anymore because of the type of order they have against them and  she won’t tell me anything about that order due to client confidentiality issues.
Neal Deans claims that the XXXXXX’s “bid for XX ?? XXXXXX  Road was dealt with legitimately  as  they were placed there by the welfare services, and  until they find a suitable alternative  property for them to bid for  they will remain in the current flat as there are “currently no properties available.

WW Well that’s alright then, isn’t it Waverley. You have no obligation to a homeowner whose life is made intolerable one of your tenants who was told to “move” by your officers!    He can no longer turn to Age Concern for help – perhaps someone from the Farnham Citizens’ Advice organisation could give the poor devil a call. If they contact us directly, with his permission,  we will pass on his contact details. Or… perhaps everyone can  procrastinate and wait for some sort of tragedy to occur?

His last words – but not ours: 

The only thing I can do is to cash my pension in,  to continue soundproofing work.
Meanwhile they continue to create as much noise, abuse & general nusaince as they want and  I just have to deal with it the only way I can.
All in all, a hopeless situation.
I just don’t have the fight in me to take them on anymore, any help anyone can give would be very much appreciated.

Another e-mail…

Hi WW Just like your recent posts telling of the don’t care attitude that WBC has towards anyone who dares to be over 60, well I realy hope that none of them have to grow old or become disabled! I could not agree more about WBC being a shower I would say you are being too polite!

Another said : “The first I heard of the closure of Age Concern (AUK) was when my cheque for my gardening subscription bounced and was returned by the bank, I have heard it has happened to many other people?   I rang the office in Cranleigh, and a recorded message told me it had closed for good. It was a wonderful organisation, we don’t know how we will manage without it, what on earth is the council thinking of at a time when so many of us need its help!”

Read the article here:  The Orchard Club negotiations not bearing fruit?

Well everyone – this is Councillor Jenny Else the Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing in Waverley. Let’s see what she can do to make life more tolerable for Waverley’s elderly, including those mentioned  above! After all, she constantly spins the web how much “Your Waverley” do for the elderly. And… perhaps her mate Carole King could shake the housing department up – before it  commits another BIG MISTAKE!  Let’s hear  less words and see more  action from Waverley’s ladies? Here is a man who needs your help – NOW!

Listen to people like Elaine Maggs from Haslemere who has been delivering Meals on Wheels there for more than 30 years, says about the move by Waverley Council which may threaten the service. “I know that those who receive meals are the most vulnerable. Those who are ill, frail, prone to falls or with failing eyesight who cannot go out and buy and then stand to preapre the meals themselves. Often their family live a distance away or abroad.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 13.45.01.png
However, be careful would-be complainants – Councillor Jenny Else Portfolio Holder for Health & Wellbeing doesn’t like “aggression,”  just power!


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