Will the new brooms sweep the council clean?

Join Willie Nelson singing.. it’s all going to pot…


Well readers – The new guard is preparing to take over the reins of “Your Waverley.” OUT goes Our very own Olympic Torch – Leader Robert Knowles – to spend more time with his family. OUT goes Comrade Stefan Reynolds who joined the Labour Party so he could vote for Jeremy Corbyn;  OUT goes Wyatt Ramsdale; and Simon Thornton… BUT OH! DEAR NOTHING MUCH ELSE IS CHANGED! This things  looked last year…

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 19.54.31.png

Click here and Read here for details of the   New Executive]

In comes  Julia Potts –  determined to push through the toxic development in East Street Farnham;  ensure the Gostrey (old people’s centre) is kicked out of Brightwells to make way for retail development,  and is packed off to  Farnham’s  Memorial Hall, ignoring all its  restrictive covenants. She has the perfect ally in Jenny Else who joins the Executive – also determined to support GTPott’s despite having been instrumental in ensuring   the borough’s old people toddling off for their services provided in  Horsham and Guildford rather than in the borough through  AgeUK after  after she helped to kick it  into touch!
Oh Carole King ..,  will no doubt continue doing what she has been doing for yonks – polishing her own ego!  and Brian Adams will trot out  excuses for not having a Daft Local Plan, whilst welcoming the gathering hoard of developers swarming into the borough to build over Waverley’s countryside. The new boy on the block Kevin Deanus, might, just might, after a year in the job force some changes through within the Executive and now he’s on the Joint Planning Committee he is well poised to do what he promised -and oppose Dunsfold Park? And..in comes Jim Edwards  who said – “For Christ’s sake get on the with the Local Plan, even if you have to work weekends!”
No doubt there will soon be another By-election in Farnham – that is unless Super Dave Monroe – can continue with three jobs – Surrey County Councillor, Waverley Borough Councillor and as the county’s new £70,000 a year Police and Crime Commissioner? 
So in short  – more of the same really.  Pity  that Pat Frost isn’t included  because, it would appear,  she genuinely wants to see a new broom sweeping through Waverley as does her Farnham colleague Carole Cockburn.  Pity … another lost opportunity! 
But..there you then…let’s given em a go – it can’t  be worse – can it?
As they say in France –  plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose  – the more things change – the more they stay the same!
Wonder if Councillor Michael Goodridge can stay awake long enough to enjoy the Mayor Making?
Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.29.08
Councillor Sleepy during the recent meeting to debate how Waverley’s Executive can be called to account in future by the Backbench, Overview and Scrutiny Committee…

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