The KPI Groupies?

TIME FOR THE TELETUBBIES? Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 22.19.41

There they were all lined up for a picture opportunity With the Sad! Which this week became SAD-ER!

The Flying Dutch/man/woman,  the  President of Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce; –  (representing the traders/businesses of Cranleigh –  or so he claims! )  a couple of local estate agents;  The Flying Dutchman,  the majority shareholder of David Manns, was supported by partner Richard Womack and family, Gillian Wood and her son ( did he pay them overtime?) Trustees of the Knowle Park Initiative;  and last but not least … Teletubby Po! Aka Batty Bamford waving his arms around all over the place and jumping up and down in excitement!  A total of 23 people  compared  to over 80 people objecting on behalf of  the people of Cranleigh.         .

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Nothing like beating up the council on Twitter Po- but thankfully Councillor Stefan Reynolds flew the Waverley Council flag. Full marks Councillor Reynolds for pointing out that councillors took  a democratic decision and disagreeing with the officers’ is their prerogative – its called democracy!

Our apologies to Surrey Ad reporter Georgina Townshend. We here at WW do not understand Twitterers – and it has been pointed out to us that the Tweet mentioned – was from one of your Twitter followers and not from You so sorry …grovel, grovel! but the following still applies!

P.S. why didn’t you report the real news of the evening – that Councillors’ Ellis and Stennett both declared a pecuniary interest in the application before they withdrew! 

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According to reports we’ve received, (What is it with Cranleigh – WW has more contributors over there  than in the whole of the borough) the developer and his supporters/members of the Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce (those who staged the recent coupe to oust the Old Guard, threatening that if they didn’t step down and give them free reign to steer the Chamber in their preferred direction – lending support to  KPI – they would form a break-away Group.) Also  a bunch of WAGS (wives and girlfriends, for the uninitiated) – packed the Council Chambr’s public gallery ensuring that  local people, mainly objectors,  who turned up in their droves to show the strength of their objection to the scheme, were relegated to the overspill gallery. Out of sight of the decision makers.

Upstairs in the overspill gallery cheers and applause rang out when Liz Townsend, on behalf of the Cranleigh Society, set out its  well argued case for refusing the application – it’s all about the effluent! Followed by Newbie Parish Councillor Brian Freeston, on behalf of Cranleigh Parish Council. Councillor Freeston and Councillor Townsend, were a revelation: articulate and concise, their  delivery was a masterpiece and other speakers could learn a lot from them. Take note Mr Bamford (Po)!

Next up the supporters. Po, – AKA Batty Bamford according to many who have read his tweets (as one wag put it, “Only twits tweet!”). Unfortunately  he couldn’t master the art of the microphone and his utterances were transmitted to those watching the webcast and those in the overspill chamber as a series of unintelligible gobbledygook – and no, we’re not being unkind, honest to God it was completely incomprehensible. According to our Cranleigh correspondent, who was in the overspill, someone shouted out, “Can’t they do something about it? Can’t hear a word, he’s saying. It’s utter gobbledygook!” To which another responded, “No change there then! Situation normal!” At which Po’s  audience in the overspill burst out laughing!

As for Mary Foryszewski she has been renamed Cranleigh’s very own Boudicca

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Who ever said  planning meetings were boring!










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