Sweet Dreams are made of this?

Listen to this to put you in the mood and it might  wake up Councillor Goodridge?

It was during one of the most  important and revealing debates ever undertaken by Waverley Borough Council last week…read here: TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING?

After more than a decade of running a completely “useless” Scrutiny Committee “their words – not ours! “Your Waverley” recently considered how it could improve the council’s image by doing the job it has meant to be doing for the past ten years, by (Calling its Executive – to account.) 

So…would you agree with  Waverley Web that the meeting was pretty IMPORTANT?

Well – would you?

So then why  was this  Conservative Councillor For Wonersh, who slipped in last May unopposed and who smugly tells everyone each term “I don’t have to tramp around the doorsteps to get in,” and he gets paid with “your money” just for being there…


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.29.08.png
Sleeping soundly Wonersh councillor Michael Goodridge looking after your interests?

4 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams are made of this?”

  1. What is the saying “wake up and smell the coffee” he would be better drinking it before a meeting, but to be serious it just show how important council business is to some of these councillors and also perhaps the people he represents want to also think about what he is doing for them, but all that committee needs now is seven dwarfs and they have a panto.

  2. Please don’t do anything that encourages them to stay awake.

    They do anyone any harm when they’re asleep.

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