26,000 views and growing!


Since the Waverley Web was launched during October, with no advertising – just word of mouth,  it has notched up over 26,000 views and it is quite extraordinary where some of this interest is coming from:

Although, as you would expect, the majority come from Waverley residents, we are also receiving hits and WW followers from the surrounding boroughs.  However,  some are coming from much further afield below is an example of hits/followers from abroad in just one day!

Over 26,000  hits  do not reflect the true penetration  of the WW. We’ve  heard from a variety of political parties and numerous other organisations and societies  who regularly pass blogs  to their membership via Facebook, and internal e-mail. and the press and other media are following us too!  One organisation  passed it on to its 400 members! Thank you from us all at WW. mailto:contact@waverleyweb.org

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 22.19.58.png
Here is an example of hits/followers from different parts of the world  in just one day. 

However you won’t be receiving any forwarded blogs if you are a Waverley Borough Councillor because the site has been blocked on the councils’ internal e-mail through BT. Would you  expect otherwise? Of course not. Waverley Council is a dictatorship and free speech is banned there. However, lots of councillors are logging on at home – and,  according to regular messages we receive,so are its staff!

So beware Waverley Council – your infamy is spreading far and wide and your reputation is beginning to catch up with you. So clean up your act! You have made a start but you have a long, long way to go! read: TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING?

We now have received numerous offers/requests to help fund the WW. to ensure its continuation. Thankfully this is not necessary as all our contributors give their time free, gratis and for nothing in the interest of informing readers of what they should  know – not what WBC want them  to know. Neither do any of us wish to be in anyone’s back pocket – there is enough of that going on in Waverley without us joining “the club.” 

The media is following  our blogs on a daily basis – hence the wide coverage of the Surrey County Council funding scandal of East Street in Farnham;  the fraud scandal revealed by a whistleblower ; Waverley’s intention to give itself and a partner developer permission to build on the Green Belt at Manfield Park in Cranleigh. The very same developer (Hamish Robbie of the Crownhall Estates) who may very well be given planning permission to build 75 houses on a green field site Little Meadow, in Alfold Road Cranleigh shortly! The very same man who will shortly be the subject of a WW post for the pressure he is putting on a Waverley councillor!!!

 WW will also  reveal what the  pecuniary interests were of Messers Ellis and Stennett which  prevented them from taking part and voting on the West Cranleigh Nurseries (KPI) application last week! 

What it is to have friends in high places?  What’s the old saying – the higher they climb the further they fall!

And there is much more, much more to come, as insiders within Waverley council are feeding us information on a daily basis, and so are our contributors. Secrets and lies are, and will continue to be,  uncovered by “Your Waverley Web.” So please keep logging on and tell your friends/family/colleagues/neighbours to do the same.

And…thank you all for your help, and support.

Waverley Web  mailto:contact@waverleyweb.org

Oh what a tangled web they weave when they  practise to deceive ! 


2 thoughts on “26,000 views and growing!”

  1. 26,000 open minded people who take an interest in what’s going on around them but I’m still obviously too naive to understand why we can’t bring this all to a head and EXPOSE all the lies deceit and corruption in our midst????

    1. Yes – we sometimes we find it difficult to understand too! However, we are confident that Waverley residents are waking up fast! WW

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