Don’t mention the Fraud!

 Is Waverley Borough Council our Totalitarian Dictatorial Local Government?

March along with “Your Waverley” and then watch the video to show how local democracy works when someone dares to ask for a perfectly sensible debate on a matter of public interest  : Farnham resident Jerry Hyman speaks first and then wait for Councillor John Williams to be shouted down! Local Democracy at work?

These are the sentiments of a Milford couple – sick of being fobbed off by “Your Waverley.”

The one Party Borough of Waverley proved recently  its lack of understanding that other people can have a different point of view of the way things should be run, but they may, just may be starting to address it, because even councillors are getting worried, very worried?

Said the resident:

 Just as a matter of interest, WW understands this gentleman is blind! but it would appear he has his eyes wide open and has great vision.

 There is no-one as blind – as those who do not wish to see!

“During a recent conversation with Robin Pellow, Monitoring Officer for WBC, he admitted to me that Waverley had made many mistakes and agreed with me that proper working practices had not been carried out by officers which resulted in the fraud that took place in April 2014. It should also be obvious to our Julia that had any work practices been put in place and carried out the fraud could not have taken place. Yet last night, at a full Council meeting, in answer to questions about the fraud from Hugo Alexander and Jerry Hyman, Julia Potts denied any wrong doing by the Council or that any cover up took place and furthermore the Council had an extremely good reputation for financial management. Can she be that naive or is she just simply a liar?

Jolly good job you are on your way to retirement Mr Pellow – or you would be getting the jack-boot!

When John Williamson stood up to request that the fraud be debated at the next Executive meeting, Mayor Mike Band shouted to him to “sit down” and within seconds a flock of sheep repeated the demand with intervening noises of “shame.” After the kerfuffle subsided John Williamson pointed out to Mike Band that he was not trying to debate the matter right now he just wanted a resolution as to whether or not this debate could take place in the future. Of course he lost the vote as he was outvoted by the one party machine of our unfair version of local democracy.

The cover up continues!

I am beginning to think Julia Potts will make a “good” Leader of the Council because of her prerequisite ability to ignore the truth.

Does anybody know of any non-violent means of getting rid of these obstructive, inclusive Members and officers, such as impeachment or do we have to suffer this abominable Council for another 3 years!

Yours Sincerely

Brian Egan


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