So says the deluded Councillor “Patsy” Frost who has headed up a working group to look at ways of “improving” the role of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and make it more effective. Well done Councillor Frost the penny has finally dropped!

sing-along with Our Bob – Times they are a changing

Well and there we were thinking that Politics is what Waverley council is all about and there’s no room for any opposition – from within the ruling party or from any opposition! Silly old us!

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We don’t want any aggression, we don’t like aggression – Waverley is a team, said Councillor Jenny Else’I’ll give you a smack!


At last could there could be a glimmer of light permeating through ‘WBC’s corridors? We can live in hope because here are just a few of the comments about the way Waverley Council doesn’t work from a few very brave councillors?

Watch this and judge for yourselves? This comes with a local government health warning : It is difficult to watch Councillor Carole Cockburn as she speaks because Councillor Michael Goodridge is so riveted by her comments that he is fast asleep and… guess what – he was elected into the Wonersh seat unopposed!

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Hush-a-by baby sleep like….

listen here: starts at 28.50  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhwrT_rRHUM&t=27m58s

One member said” “Waverley Council is run like an Old Boys Club” another said...”as a new member I couldn’t believe the expression on colleagues’ faces when I dared to ask a

question”…another…hearing Councillors’ jeering John Williams at the Full Council last week was disgraceful “

…another there is a real problem with the culture of this council”

…another… “I have been here longer than most councillors but if I want to know what is going on here I read it on Social Media or in the Farnham Herald.” another. “Drastic action is required if we want to restore public confidence in this council” 

Another: it was difficult to find councillors willing to serve on the Overview & Scrutiny Committee…”because the Executive don’t listen or care what it has to say.”

Another..most things here are decided by the Executive behind closed doors”

another – “the more experienced I become- the less I am able to contribute it’s a crying shame! We need a complete change of mindset here.” “All you have to do here is turn up and nod, because no-one listens to a word we say.” Another: “we are not trusted with information.”

WW Yes, Councillor Carole Cockburn (Con Farnham Bourne ) – it’s is a crying shame that you and all your colleagues appear unable to stand up for the people of Waverley. So stop turning up and nodding and if, as you claim, you are really quite bright – stand up and shine for what you believes is right for this borough of ours, before it is too late !

Here’s what an anonymous councillor said about the Executive’s role – that is the group of (9) that effectively make all the decisions at Waverley Council, in response to the group set up to scrutinise the Scrutiny Panel that is supposed to scrutinise decisions, and call the Executive to account,- not just rubber stamp decisions through…if you get what we mean?

And there were we at WW and most of our followers All ye of little faith thinking they were all a bunch of sycophantic dummies who follow the Leader…

Step forward Executive Member No 3 you brave and honest soul! Your time could soon be up – that is if your identity is ever revealed! 

Executive Member (3) says about the Executive group of which he is a member!

 Being on the Executive is like being on a treadmill, and there is no time to pause and reflect on how the process is working;
 There is a culture of paranoia within the Executive, and complacency about the size of the political majority, which means that there is a perception that no effort needs to be made to be transparent;
 All meetings seem to be a race against the clock, including Executive meetings;

The Executive should show more respect to those who ask questions of it,whether they be members of the council or the public: they are all Waverley residents and deserve better than a petty response;
 Public perception of the Council is not good, and that is a problem that needs to be collectively owned and addressed by Members and officers;

There doesn’t seem to have been one trigger for the current situation; it’s developed over a period of time; but some new members are already feeling disillusioned and disenfranchised; everyone needs to take responsibility for failings, otherwise we can’t move forward;

he continues…

 Feedback from OS to the Executive lacks context, so it is difficult to understand how comments were arrived at; they need to be communicated better;
 Collectively the council needs to be more transparent, more open, more coherent, and shouldn’t be so defensive and risk averse; there needs to be more of a ‘can do’ culture;

Waverley is working for the same residents as our Town and Parish councils, and the County Council; we need to get better at communicating and working together for the benefit of our residents.

Say the council …
6.5 This testimony is disheartening, but it emphasises the importance of the review being undertaken and of there being an appetite for positive changes in the culture and practices of governance

Well – there you are then – Waverley Council is not Good – Councillor Frost but rather than aiming for the impossible  – just aim to be Good.
Perhaps you should tell your Mate on the left Jenny Else that just because you received some constructive criticism from both old and new councillors you must learn (a) not to insult them and (b) not to claim they are being aggressive as aggression is not required at Waverley – because you are a team! Bunkum Councillor Else they were not aggressive they were telling it as it is – Waverley’s reputation in the community and beyond, and the way it does its business now, is lower than a snakes belly!

3 thoughts on “TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING?”

  1. I see Farnham still has 7 councillors on the Joint Planning Committee. I had heard a rumour that even Waverley thought that was probably unethical and the wider view of the borough should be represented which would mean that would have to change.

  2. Yes there are moves afoot to address the balance. You may soon someone much closer to “home” representing your interests! Watch this space. WW will tell you before WBC does!

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