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and that good advice applies to most Waverley Borough Councillors who work here too!

Below is the response from Councillor Peter Martin to a Waverley resident who wrote to him about the 2015 “fraud cover up.”

He says : “You make a point about a fraud cover-up at Waverley Borough Council. No cover-up took place at all. Fraudulent activity certainly took place but there was a limit to what the Council could make public whilst a criminal investigation was taking place. Most of the money has been recovered and the fraudsters responsible have been brought to justice.”

WW understand the fraudster targeted other councils but did not get through their security systems – not too much trouble getting through yours though was it Councillor Martin – no cover up, you must be joking?

She went to make the point that not only were the public not given “limited information” they weren’t given any  information! In fact – neither were councillors. You kept them in the dark – why? Because you are totally dishonest, and if a whistleblower had not informed the Surrey Advertiser – you would have kept it to your little old selves  for ever more – but you were found out?

The Council hid behind the sub-juice laws, because it suited them. It told the ” chosen few,” and told them all to keep quiet  until after the May 2015 elections. Just like councillors were told to keep shtum  when Chief Executive  Mistress Mary was given the heave-ho and they were all told they mustn’t reveal the reasons why?

Honest – transparent – democratic? when you only tell councillors chosen  from one political party? What a load of bunkum!

But residents are not giving up in their search for the truth, and neither should they, until there has been a proper EXTERNAL enquiry. Not internal policing by PC Plod -Know-less & Co shortly to go back on the beat. 

Here’s another residents’ question to WW.  We are now receiving so many letters we will be starting a letters page shortly.

I see that Paul Wenham (Executive Director of Waverley) has now declared himself Returning Officer when Robin Pellow retires in July. The post of Monitoring Officer is being done away with. Who watches the Councillors now?

Quite simply – the Waverley Web!

Here’s another residents’ letters: Waverley Borough Council 300 complaint

Waverley B C Robin Pellows letter

Remember all. – If though protesteth too much , you go on the council’s blacklist, and then the council doesn’t respond to your complaints or even write back! Oh dear – that’s a blow isn’t it?

Happy Retirement Robin Pellow – you are now leaving a stinking ship! Hope you can now go forth and smell the roses. WW



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