What a hypocrite!

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There is nothing guaranteed more to put a smile on the face of Alan Young Cranleigh/Ewhurst’s Surrey County Councillor than to get his face on the news pages of anything that will feature him!

So we are not pandering to his vanity and putting up his picture here…instead listen to this little ditty! 

Now the face of Cranlegh, wants to discourage HGV’s from using the roads and lanes around Waverley’s villages. What a disingenuous and laughable  soul he is… the very same man who  has colluded    with  every developer known to man or beast to develop all over Cranleigh’s green fields, and create an industrial estate on Green Belt Land in Guildford Road?  One developer told WW that Cllr Young’s “secret meetings” were a bid for  developers to work together to find a way to build Cranleigh New Town and now he has dipped his beak into Farnham’s East Street development.Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 15.13.27.png

Cranleigh “New Town”  in itself will generate many thousands of lorry movements and all with  the support of SCC highways department, and so will Brightwells in Farnham, Cllr Young.

Tell Cranleigh people what you have in store for them next. A source  inside the county council highways department has revealed your cunning little plan to build a roundabout at the junction of Knowle Lane and Cranleigh High Street which will almost certainly encroach onto Cranleigh’s historic Fountain Square, at least it will if it is big enough!  Presumably to help the HGV’s use Knowle Lane for the next five years and avoid Wildwood Lane. 

He makes no secret of the fact that he met “in secret” with Berkeley Homes,  (which now has permission to build 425 homes on green fields on the Bonham land.) Threadneedle (Hewitts Industrial Estate) The Crownhall Estates (Hamish Robbie); Thakeham  Homes’ developments ) (Sayers Croft, Ewhurst and Care Ashore – The Springbok Estate, in Alfold and as many bums as he  could fit on seats in Waverley’s Council offices.

He then   spins his way over to our side of the borough in Farnham where he is instrumental in helping to help Surrey County Council fund the disastrous and illegal development of Brightwells   helped of his Surrey County Council colleagues.  Because, quite simply, no other funder could be found !  

No worries there  then Councillor Young – that redevelopment will not generate HGV’s will it? Ah! but then you are only talking about country roads aren’t you? And…we respectfully suggest that you look at the Cala Homes’ transport plan for the Amlets Park development in Cranleigh. Where are its HGV’s coming from? The A29 – presumably through Ockley, Forrest Green and Ewhurst!

Oh, and by the way, getting someone (the developer  to fill the potholes after only seven  weeks HGV movements in Wildwood and Knowle Lane in Cranleigh is nothing to crow about. That little debacle will carry on for the next five plus years, with an HGV lorry pounding down the road every nine minutes – 700 movements a day. Pop along and visit the neighbours to see what they have to say about the Cranleigh Brick and Tile development. But don’t forget to take a press photographer with you!  There’s a real photo opportunity there – one not to be missed!

P.S Are the cyclists to which you refer in the article in the Surrey Ad- the very same cyclists  you claimed in the council chamber, “couldn’t speak English!”  On your bike Councillor Young – and preferably peddle anywhere but  in Farnham and the Cranleigh area’s business!   When are the next Surrey county Council Elections – is it 2017?

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