Footie facts.

You would not Adam and Eve it would you…really?

Now “Your Waverley” has put the boot in on Farnham’s footballers.

The  race  has begun to get rid of Farnham Football Club from the Memorial Ground in the town to make  way for yet more housing development on the pitch the club has used for donkeys years.   After sacrificing  The Memorial Hall on the alter of Crest Nicholson.  “Your Waverley” wants  to  throw  £2.5m  million pounds into extending the hall in a  bid to pull the elderly  out of the Gostrey Centre at Brightwells and set them up down the road, at the Memorial Hall to pave the way for the new East Street development funded by “Your Surrey County Council” with “your money.”

However, as  none of the old folk can play football on the pitch used for sport since 1912 on a “Memorial Ground” with covenants,   they hope to kick the Farnham club  off the ground and create  a new pitch on top of  a former landfill site in the middle of Weydon’s houses  which, says the Mayor Pat Frost – “cannot be used for housing because it is contaminated.

No problem there then for the footballers, particularly the youth football clubs eh Cllr Frost? Now the council is going to throw another £50,000 of “our money” at a feasibility study, which we are sure will come up with the right answers!  Meanwhile  over on the other side of the borough we have heard that…

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 13.55.46
Closed for future development!

 Developers Crest Nicholson are in a bit of a fix with the outline planning permission they obtained last year for 149 houses – in the new detailed scheme  they need a 12,000 cubic ft holding tank to take the sewerage from their proposed new development in Horsham Road, Cranleigh adjacent to  Hitherwood. Why? Because the local poo factory is overloaded!

Oh Woe, woe and triple woe. Poor old Crest Nicholson. They hoped  Cranleigh Parish Council would come to their rescue and follow the example of their betters at WBC and let them build the tank under the Snoxhall Playing fields.  Then  all the little boys, and girls who play football there, could run about on top of a sh1* pit!

However, the Cranleigh Parish Council planning committee, despite the efforts of Councillor Patricia Ellis who wanted to defer the decision,  but failed,  has turned down the offer of taking more of Crest Nicholson’s ****! Well done Cranleigh Parish Council.

Isn’t it great to see a public body who can turn down 30 pieces of silver because they care more about the public good than money!



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