Happy Birthday to the CCS -and full marks for putting the “Care”back into Cranleigh.


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Regular readers of the Waverley Web will have seen it has frequently  used articles and photographs from the Cranleigh Civic Society Website.  Along with others  from the Farnham Society and other Community Groups – all of whom are doing everything in they power to protect the areas they serve and which are under threat from development like never before!

If you live in or around Cranleigh support this local group which has worked tirelessly over the past year to protect your interests   join us in wishing the Cranleigh Civic Society and its members a very Happy First Anniversary and every success in everything they do on your behalf in the future!

Cranleigh Civic Society has existed for just over twelve months and it says, “what a year it has been”

 Formed by a group of concerned local people it has gone on to achieve some huge successes and is now  recognised by such high ranking people as Her Majesty’s Planning Inspectorate.

It was actively involved in the Berkeley Homes appeal (425 houses south of Cranleigh High Street. ) It was an official contributor; and its  evidence pack highlighted flooding and sustainability issues was accepted by the Planning Inspector.  It has put the spotlight  on the  flood risk on other development sites, and  discovered biodiversity studies that had been carried out incorrectly. It was applauded by villagers when it  uncovered huge sewage issues that had  been either overlooked, or ignored, and has drawn the attention of decision makers to  the very obvious inability of Cranleigh’s poor road infrastructure to cope.

 It was involved with the Cranleigh Conservation Area Review in the High Street, has and continues to protect the Beryl Harvey allotments and conservation field, the Elmbridge Road Campaign, to name but a few.  The list of its achievements is endless.

 The Society was formed as a direct result of  residents’  distress at the huge number of new homes that Waverley Borough Council indicated it intended   to see built in and around Cranleigh.  This housing is not in response to “local” housing need and is far more than its  fair share of the total number Waverley claims are  required across the borough.

The disproportionate number villagers say they are being told to accept is, it believes,  driven by the  lack of protection from Green Belt and other landscape designations such as AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). 

The CCS believes Cranleigh is seen as an easy target with its green fields ripe for picking.

NOT to provide affordable housing in response to local need, but to deliver maximum profits to developers and solve a borough- wide  problem. It is recognised that “housing need” is NOT concentrated in this part of the Borough, however Waverley’s plan is to dump it here anyway!

The CCS says, Waverley is not looking anywhere else in the borough other than Cranleigh and the surrounding area to put thousands  of new houses. 

Since  Berkeley Homes lodged its appeal, NO significant applications have been put forward to the Joint Planning Committee at Waverley.  It appears that Waverley is waiting for the result of that  appeal, expected on or before the 8 April, and which if granted, lets them once again, literally  open the flood gates in and around Cranleigh. 

The minimum number of houses planned by Waverley for Cranleigh village is 1,500, it could be many more.  That’s 3,600 more residents with 3,000 more cars on the roads and a minimum of 6,000 additional traffic movements per day.

Significant developments have already been approved.  Some 58 new homes on the old Swallow Tiles site, 19, Cranleigh Brick & Tile, 125 houses on Amlets Lane, and 149 houses off the Horsham Road.  The Hewitts application for 120 houses is also currently at appeal.  That’s 452 new houses in total, with 274 of these already on green fields. 

Says the Society – Almost every week  even more proposals for development on  green fields are lodged and even schemes mooted on our Green Belt!

If you care about Cranleigh join the Civic Society and help it fight for transparency and fairness for our village.

Help it make a difference

Join The Cranleigh Civc Society Today


You can also keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter:

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the CCS -and full marks for putting the “Care”back into Cranleigh.”

  1. Thanks very much for your kind words on the Cranleigh Civic Society. Coming from you, it means a lot. You do a great job, whoever you are!!

    1. WW likes to give credit where credit is due. Cranleigh is a better place thanks to the efforts of the CCS. Your organisation has restored the faith a great many people had lost in the ability of residents’ in all Waverley’s towns and villages, to make a difference. Well done CCS.

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