Are the residents of Waverley waking up at last?

Here at WW we get numerous comments and e-mails from residents concerned about all things Waverley.

However, for some time the contributors behind this blog were concerned – in fact, very concerned, that residents were sleepwalking through a  dream that when they woke up  may  become their worst  nightmare.

Whilst Waverley Borough Council has spent the past three years literally “fiddling” with its Daft Local Plan. Now due to its incompetent handling, leaving the borough wide open to assault from developers, the very character of its towns and villages could be  about to burn.

However, we at the WWeb are heartened by the comments  we have received in recent weeks.  We  have tried to play our part with our colleagues in the media, in a “wake-up call” by highlighting just some of the issues that are  about to impact on us all. The Waverley Web is the only medium that is covering the whole of Waverley, and we believe it is right that Farnham people know what is going on in Godalming, Haslemere and in the East of the borough and the other way around.  We have heard from people in the Cranleigh area, totally unaware of the 15/20 year East Street debacle in Farnham, and from people in Farnham and Godalming shocked at the pressure being put on the Cranleigh/Dunsfold/Alfold villages.

Utter disgust has been expressed at Waverley Council’s decision to spend £1m of our money on its own little dip into the development pot by joining  with a developer to create a £10m industrial park on the Green Belt in Guildford Road, Cranleigh, adjoining Mansfield Park. Who will give the scheme approval – yes – you get it – Waverley Planners!

Even worse, this disreputable council’s Leader had denied it claiming it is  as a scurrilous rumour! Councillor Robert Knowless – who knows more than he is willing to admit –  should never have been given the luxury of being  replaced – he should resign – Now!

The Waverley Web has the confidential council papers, maps and plans and can produce them – and just in case you wonder where they came from it was from “inside” the council – and not from one of your dishonourable disreputable councillors. Most of whom voted for it!  There are still some decent people working “inside” Waverley – Thank God!

Here’s just a small sample of what our followers  told us during  our 21,000 hits in just a few months:

“My Wife told me this morning it seems that people are so concerned with what is happeneing in Waverley the coffee, cake and knitting sisterhood are talking. I had already drafted a message to you to propose a public protest to stop the lack of sustainable development.”

“Publicity would be a multiplier of the impact.”

“Any ideas – we want to fund posters, leaflets and make our voices heard.” Some route from the Pepperpot to the Council Offices….perhaps?

“Are there any kindred spirits out there?”

“Do you think the time has come for us to take a vote of no confidence in the leaders of Waverley Borough Council.” How do we do it?

“You are doing a great job WW.”

I was shocked to read about the Farnham East street Development- it is shocking and rubbish – Do you not think if ALL of us in Waverley got together – We could be more powerful? I can’t help thinking I upset you, as you are Farnham/Cranleigh – I am Alfold/Dunsfold….. If we all worked together – we could be so powerful – If we pull apart because of our own local preferences – then we are stuffed! – It is stupid – But I felt I couldn’t Object as it is so outside of my boundary – that is wrong isn’t it??

“It is only an “ask” But I can’t help feeling that by us having a Divide we are reducing our capacity to really make a difference.”

“I want all unsustainable Development to be stopped whether in Cranleigh/Ewhurst /Dunsfold – or Farnham – It’s just Farnham – have not been very nice to us here…and have not improved relations between the Towns and Villages – there is now an Us & Them and there shouldn’t be – we should all support each other against this bunch of (can’t say the word) at WBC and the Developers – who like Vultures are making the most of this

“I don’t always agree with you – But I really appreciate the information you provide and hope that you continue to do so”

“we are all too – up our own “Back-gardens” so see what is going on down the road!”

“It needs  someone to sort out Waverley and the Brightwell’s applications with a mask and cape (gown optional) to enforce honesty, transparency and justice. It would be very much appreciated. It would also be nice to see the individuals at Waverley carted off to a remote island prison, I could go on !!

“One of our key concerns is the lack of Public oversight of the decision making processes used by Councillors and Council Officers. This lack of oversight combined with institutional opaqueness has led to more opportunities for incompetence and corruption to bloom.”

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