Devious Dutchman strikes again!

Well there we are then! – The Elmbridge Village Ltd has written to Waverley backing the Knowle Park Initiative’s plans to build 265 houses on the West Cranleigh Nurseries site in Alfold Road, Cranleigh.

The Cloggie who produces salad crops to help feed the nation and who employees local people, wants to ditch food production in favour of house production – and stops at nothing to persuade the locals – including a few of his borough council mates that have called the application in to the JPC. Now he and his fellow cohorts have persuaded the organisation that runs a retirement village to back his plans to ditch the tomatoes to make a few guilders.

Sing-a-long with…Abba…Guilders,Guilders, Guilders.

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From the Surrey Advertiser

Did the Company ask the over residents’ before they spoke up for them?  NO! Some of them say they are fuming, as they were not  even consulted by Elmbridge Village Ltd. Formerly Elmbridge Retirement Homes.

Would it have anything to do with the fact, as revealed by one elderly resident of EV in Elmbridge Road, that residents had been offered a path/road/accessway from their homes

…across the fields and the Cranleigh /Waters, …across the former West Cranleigh Nurseries, …across The Alfold Road, …across the Knowle Park, … across Knowle Lane …across the Snoxhall Fields and …acccording to James Puckering on behalf of Elmbridge Village Limited “a safe access into Cranleigh High Street.”Just a few little old miles away.

WWethinks the poor old souls will be in need a cuppa tea and a lie down by the time they get there!

Ye Gods – will the  Flying Dutchman stop at nothing? Perhaps he will offer everyone wings next?

Will he be supplying the residents with motor scooters – we have already heard from a former Cycle Supplier that the devious Dutchman offered to buy dozens of bikes from him, if he supported his cunning development plan.

So perhaps its – get on your bikes girls and boys at the Retirement village, and peddle whilst you piddle through the winter floodwater on your two mile run to the shops! After all back home in Clog Country – they do it all the time.  When the restoration begin on the next stretch of the Wey and Arun Canal- you will even have your own canal to leap over, and it will feel just like Amsterdam!

We have also heard from many other villagers over there  of the coercion that is going on to get the Knowle Park Initiative “home and wet”  before the earth movers get on site to build 125 Cala Homes next door to the Cloggie in Amlets Lane. According to his neighbours and the developer  he is furious that his numerous  offers to buy the land were turned down, and another developer got in first  with permission to build  125 new houses. Getting a development of his very own would help soften the blow! Ah well-that’s life – sh** happens! 


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