Surprise, surprise – East Street funder in place! Guess Who?

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Click here to Read article from Farnham Herald. East street pdf copy

The Waverley Web has been doing a little research to determine  the identity of the  funder  behind the notorious Farnham East Street development, sometimes described by the locals as Farnham’s Nightmare!

Well we may be putting two and two together and making five – but WW believes Waverley Borough Council is joining forces with none other than –  

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Either on its own or in collaboration with “others” it is believed Surrey County Council  is jumping into bed with… “YOUR WAVERLEY”/Crest Nicholson & Co and Sainsburys’ to get what some Farnham folk are calling – 

‘A VERY SHABBY DEAL FOR THE TOWN’  to finally get off the ground!

Is Surrey County Council really, yes really, the only organisation prepared to join our dodgey local council in the scam of the century called East Street? Well it would appear so…and…

who better to have in the driving seat than the Chairman of Surrey County Council’s Pension Fund, Councillor Denise Le Gal, Waverley Borough Councillor for Farnham Hale and Heath End,  Surrey County Councillor for Farnham North. She is also Chairman of SW Surrey Conservative Association, which  in its spare time runs Waverley!

 Her Deputy is Councillor Alan Young the Surrey County Councillor for Cranleigh and Ewhurst, currently turning up in Farnham saying he  is – “doing a little local networking.” We bet he is! Been doing quite a bit of that lately so much so that rumour has it that Guildford Conservative Association is doing its utmost to kick him out!  Not to be outwitted  he is looking to take up his wife’s SCC seat as the member for the Waverley Eastern Villages, in the neighbouring Constituency.  With a fine reputation for holding secret meetings with developers’ over there, coming over here to Farnham should suit him down to the ground!

As for Councillor Le Gal, as the current WBC councillor  for,  Farnham Hale & Heath End  we have peeped  into her  attendance record, which is not exactly something to boast about!

From 28/09/15 to 22/03/16 – she had a 70% absence rate.

How’s that for a record of service to your electorate? How much of this time did she spend instead playing with investments in the SCC Pension Fund, as its Chairman? 

In February 2014, yes two years ago,  Waverley  Council said the East Street scheme was fully funded and shovel ready!  However, since then   – all has been quiet on the Western Front! Now numerous new what it claims are, “minor revisions” to planning applications have been lodged, and there are  very serious concerns about their legality (Read the Farnham Herald article above.)  Farnham residents are now  calling  for a Judicial Review. Wow – that really would put the cat among the pigeons – or the Tom Tits – (new deputy leader Tom Martin) and his new lady  in waiting – Gone to – Potts?

Perhaps the time has now come for Farnham Town Council to stand up and be counted and seek  its own legal advice before it is too late. After all if it doesn’t, what exactly is it there for?

Pity really that it is full of Waverley Borough Councillors . When  will the electorate of our towns and villages learn! No checks, no balances, no democracy!

However its Mayor Waverley Borough Councillor Pat the Jack Frost, has told everyone it is a matter for Waverley Borough Council and not Farnham Town Council – so in other words but out of our affairs –  arrogant or what!

So there you are then – Surrey County Council knows a good deal when it sees one…doesn’t it?

Always happy to hear confirmation or a denial of this post from either Waverley BC or SCC here: 

But WW is not holding its breath!

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