Its official – Waverley Council has gone to… Pot..ts!

Here’s what WW  predicted a month ago…Waverley’s own Olympic Torch may soon be snuffed out!

Here’s what one of our followers/contributors said about our little bit of boasting yesterday… Waverley Web is reaching its  first 20,000 hits – and the word on Waverley’s streets is going world-wide.

“Well done and keep up the good work, guys.” another – ” Keep the blog posts coming, thick and fast,”

“Keep telling us what others don’t want us to know.”  Well done for revealing that “Your Waverley” is working behind the scenes with developers to build on the Green Belt in Guildford Road, Cranleigh next to Mansfield Park Industrial Estate. It has not been reported anywhere else, yet,”  ” Thank you for helping me with my housing issue, which had been ignored until WW spoke out.” and this from “Our Farnham’s”  very own pain in Waverley’s ribs – Jerry Hyman …

“Residents are going to need the publicity you bring to WaverleyWorld, because (I hear) at yesterday’s Conservative Group meeting in the Council Chamber, they elected Cllr Julia Potts as the new Leader (pending resolution at the May Annual Council meeting), and Wyatt Ramsdale as her Deputy.”

WW has heard from another source that Tom Martin has been elected as deputy leader… so perhaps, our regular contributors could set the record straight, before WW passes on everyone’s congratulations?

If you think congratulations are in order – click here and sing-a-long with WW…we hope it doesn’t drive you Potty!

Our commiserations should go to Cllr Stephen Mulliner (who stood against Cllr Potts for Leader) far too bright we fear,  and to Cllr Jim Edwards (the main contender for Deputy,) probably far too outspoken, but most of all, to all Waverley residents, who will pay the price. What were the Tory group thinking? Perhaps they* really are as thick as Mr Knowles says.
(* the majority).

So having also just announced that Elizabeth Sims has been promoted internally to Head of Planning, rather than risk a new broom, – that is if a suitable broom applied – it seems there’s no chance whatsoever of Waverley cleaning itself up,”

So here’s to our  next 20,000 hits – and often you will hear it here first – so keep up the good work all our followers and informants – in the coming months  you and the Waverley Web may now be needed more than ever. 

2 thoughts on “Its official – Waverley Council has gone to… Pot..ts!”

  1. You’re right, embarrassingly my source was wrong and has just corrected the info re the new Deputy Leader. It will indeed be Tom Martin. Heavens above, what is the world coming to?

    I’m just trying to work out whether I’m surprised that my source wasn’t really aware of who their Tory colleagues are, who they voted for and who was elected. Never mind, I’m sure they meant well. “Note to self”.

  2. Never mind – most Waverley Councillors don’t know who they are – let alone who their colleagues are, or who voted for who or why. What WW wants to know is – will it make any difference? We live in hope.

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