Perish the thought that we would boast but we have our first 20,000 hits!

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 20,000 hits – followers increasing by the day and WW is on a roll and the word is spreading across the World!

E-mails and comments arrive on a daily basis to and we hear from followers that our statistics do not truly reflect the coverage of the Waverley Web. According to our informants it is being reproduced on a number of local websites – including those of Civic and Town societies, Twitter/Facebook, and other social media. It is followed by local press and media right across the borough, county and beyond. Many of our e-mail followers are not included in our statistics.

We are followed, and included in, national and local blogs and have e-mail followers across the world – United States of America , Australia, Canada, Brazil and most  European countries.  We have heard from ex-pats born and brought up in the Waverley/Guildford boroughs keen to know what is happening at home and make comments.  Just because you leave an area doesn’t mean you want to lose touch, they say!

In the four months since the launch of WW, we have heard from some very disaffected residents, angry and concerned that Waverley is being swamped with applications for development in a borough that has neither the infrastructure or resources to cope; from council tenants who are less than enamoured with the service they receive and from residents concerned that their councillors do not speak up for them – “in the public arena.”

Residents have serious, very serious, concerns, at the lack of progress on the Waverley Borough’s Daft Local Plan, delayed yet again, the resignation of the chief planning officer, and his replacement with, they predict,  “more of the same.” They are concerned  that the leadership (Executive) has no checks or balances and appears  hell bent on swamping Farnham and areas in the East of the borough around Cranleigh with unsuitable housing developments on green field sites, many of which are on flood plains with poor access onto country lanes.

We have  heard from residents claiming their parish councils are not accurately representing their views – and are effectively  branding them all NIMBYs which they claim they are “not.”  And there are very real concerns about the make-up of the Joint Planning Committee. 

One follower has accused  WW of inaccuracies  but has not told us what these inaccuracies are. We are not so arrogant that we believe we get everything right, so if corrections are required – tell us! Please, remember we are just an anonymous group of residents scattered right across Waverley, trying our damnedest to tell it as it is – not how others would like you to believe it is!  WW is not making excuses, but if you have ever tried watching the WBC Webcast…….you will know what we mean. We urge you to watch your decision makers and draw your own conclusions.

WW owned up  to putting a ring around the wrong house on the stuff being peddled by the Protect Our Waverley Group – which should be renamed the Protect Our Corner of Waverley Group. We are told, the house earmarked was on the Park Hatch Estate and not Rapkyns – the big white wedding cake on the side of Hascombe Hill owned by Sir Trevor Nunn. However, the sentiment in the post remains the same. He gave a speech worthy of Sir Laurence Olivier, when he objected to his, and his neighbours, views being spoiled if homes were built at Dunsfold Park. Like so many local objectors, they live in London and travel extensively, but use their “homes in the country” at week-ends! If only some of the borough’s homeless families were so lucky.

If you read the WW – and are informed by it – please tell your friends – to log on! If you are concerned about issues – tell us – in confidence at

We will keep your confidences – however, sorry Waverley Borough Council your  indiscretions  are not safe with us!  And unlike Waverley Mutters we have no intention of disappearing.


5 thoughts on “Perish the thought that we would boast but we have our first 20,000 hits!”

  1. Well done and keep up the good work, guys.

    Residents are going to need the publicity you bring to WaverleyWorld, because (I hear) at yesterday’s Conservative Group meeting in the Council Chamber, they elected Cllr Julia Potts as the new Leader (pending resolution at the May Annual Council meeting), and Wyatt Ramsdale as her Deputy.

    Our commiserations should go to Cllr Stephen Mulliner (who stood against Cllr Potts for Leader) and to Cllr Jim Edwards (the main contender for Deputy), but most of all, to all Waverley residents, who will pay the price. What were the Tory group thinking? Perhaps they* really are as thick as Mr Knowles says.
    (* the majority).

    So having also just announced that Elizabeth Sims has been promoted internally to Head of Planning, rather than risk a new broom, it seems there’s no chance whatsoever of Waverley cleaning itself up.

  2. Apologies, the Deputy Elect In Waiting is not Cllr Ramsdale, it’s Cllr Tom Martin. Easy mistake to make I suppose, they look so alike.

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