The BBE becomes a BGB!

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Once  there was a Cranleigh councillor whose  nickname was BBE (Bully Boy Ellis) not named by WW of course but that scurrilous blog called Waverley Mutters!  Now he has been re-named by Alfold villagers – BGB for abstaining from a vital vote which has plunged the village of Alfold into a pit of despair.

The tiny village on the Surrey Sussex border has so many developers beating a path to its door that villagers don’t know whether they are on the ar** or their elbow. they are coming in so thick and so fast, villagers do not know on which to comment first.

If you can bear to read the report of Councillor Ellis’s very public volte face at a recent meeting of Waverley Borough Council’s joint planning committee read here Ten out of Ten for Trying Councillor Deanus!… or  – better still watch it for yourself on the Waverley webcast! All three hours of it!

However, if you don’t have the time, energy or the inclination,take it from us here at Waverley Web – the BGB – gave numerous reasons why the application should be refused – and then abstained.WHY? Because he said poor old Cranleigh was also under threat from developers and some of its applications on green fields had already been granted! And the Berkeley Homes Appeal for 425 houses was likely to be granted soon. Spiteful or what?

Said one of our readers – I do think Brian Ellis was a “Big girl’s Blouse” – If he isn’t big enough to make Big tricky decisions – he shouldn’t be on the Council – his abstention cost Alfold and I know there are many here and also in Cranleigh that think the same.

And…so say all of us, and so say all of us!

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