Now you see it – now you don’t.

No doubt some residents of  Waverley will have seen this article in the Surrey Ad – which compares the objectors’ “view” from Hascombe Hill of Dunsfold airfield with the view the developer has put forward.

Now… what WW  would like you to do is, look a little closer?

We are adding a pdf so you can zoom in. 16.02.05 – A view from both sides – How a new town could affect view

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 18.12.50.png


Well this great “big white wedding cake” of a house, circled blue, on the side of Hascombe Hill was, and we still believe is, owned by Sir Trevor Nunn who gave a theatrical performance to rival that of Sir Laurence, Olivier  during the last Dunsfold Public Enquiry. With arms a’waving he opposed homes being built at Dunsfold for the populace which would, he claimed,  threaten his view!  Building multi-million pound piles are ok  of course, just look up towards Winterfold and view the Mittal Mansion. Have they complained yet?

You know what 1,800 families would gladly sacrifice their view of his house, for the chance of  an affordable home.

And,  you know what – Dunsfold boasts the highest concentration of gipsies in Surrey – living on the approach road to the airfield. Have they started complaining? No doubt they are fully paid up members of Save Our Waverley? The very same group that will, we are sure, soon be out there fighting to save the rural areas around Farnham, Godalming and Haslemere?

WW rests its case…!

3 thoughts on “Now you see it – now you don’t.”

    1. Thank you for informing WW that this house is no longer owned by Trevor Nunn. Presumably he left the area regardless of the fact that the appeal was dismissed and warned the new owners that Dunsfold airfield was a brownfield site which could possibly be developed at some time in the future.

      1. No – that just is not, and never has been his house.
        All good jornalists check their facts before publishing !!

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