The mucky brown stuff hits the fan!

According to a villager there was a SEWAGE FLOOD ALERT over in Alfold recently. Properties on the East Side of Loxwood Road near The Crossways reported, ‘The Dobba’ alarm sounding (Sewer Full) and sewage already overflowing.”

Thames Water was so overloaded with calls, that no direct calls were being answered.

Beverley Weddell, ( Clerk of Alfold Parish Council) was told but said: she had, ” her own pressing matters to resolve,” advising residents to take pictures of any flooded areas.

In other words, provide us with – poo pictures ? Great!

Said a villager “A Thames Water tanker arrived at my home at 10.30 a.m. The driver was re-directed to the marked location for extraction. Two hours later a full tanker departed to discharge the sewage ‘elsewhere, leaving pipes behind. At 15.45, the tanker returned for further extraction from the Loxwood Rd chamber. The Chamber was close to overflowing again last night, the first time, to our knowledge, that this has occurred. More important, the base of this extraction point appears to be higher than the sewer junction in the property of Cleve End – so does Thames Water expect sewage to flow uphill. Clever trick – must have a direct line to the Almighty!!

Another villager said: “been wondering where the dirty water in my bath was coming from. Could this be the reason? Others reported toilets overflowing.

Said a local: “In essence, Thames Water is CORPORATELY NEGLIGENT, and Waverley Borough Council hasn’t a clue what’s going on. MP Anne Milton is doing as good a job as she can, but is being let down by her incompetent ‘supporters’.I fail to see what an Ex-Police Superintendent, now WB Councillor Kevin Deanus, knows about Sewage.”  He said a recent Flood Forum held in the village had attracted no Alfold parish councillors, which showed how concerned they were about Alfold’s dire situation!

Some say one is so busy racing around the village drumming up opposition to the Dunsfold planning application she couldn’t attend. 

A village said, “I have previously labelled Alfold as “The Village that Surrey Forgot” although after 20 years some road signs have been cleaned! I was planning to put photos on the Village Facebook Page but I suspect that Victoria Young (Alfold’s Surrey County Councillor) got ‘wind’ of my plans! Little had been done about flooding by TW for some time, and residents’ now believe it hopes (Thakeham Homes) who want to build 500 dwellings, will pick up the bill. Letting TW off the hook!

Ye Gods -let’s hope they put in new sewers, or they will all be wallowing in the mucky brown stuff?

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