The Gentleman doth protest too much…

An email we received from Martin Bamford recently
An email we received from Martin Bamford recently
Martin Bamford

So angry is Cranleigh businessman, Martin Bamford, for what he describes as our blogs libellous comments, (actually WW reproduced his comments about his change of heart over development on the green fields), that he is threatening to unmask the contributors of this blog. What all nine of us Martin? WOW, that will be an achievement…

There is no such thing as Libel, if it is the truth Martin, surely you know that? We at Waverley Web are not immune to the laws which govern this land, neither do we ignore them, in fact we take them very, very, seriously. Since when has telling the truth been against the law?

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Martin Bamford blog post – 22 Oct 2015

Did you change your mind (again?) about your blog post Martin? You posted the above post on the 22 Oct, (yes, we saw it, and thankfully, took a screenshot) and then by the end of the day, you had deleted it and replaced it with the post below. Did you have a change of heart?

We at Waverley Web, think your blog needs your stats pushed – so readers, go and show Martin some love – you can visit his blog here in all its glory. He obviously has plenty of time on his hands to track every visitor to his blog..

Martin Bamford blog post 22 Oct 2015
Martin Bamford blog post 22 Oct 2015

That you are upset that your u-turn has been revealed, we fully understand – but come on, it is not a crime to change your mind, women do it all the time! Neither is there any shame in supporting development all over the green fields, in fact you’re in good company – your thoughts appear to be in-line with most of Cranleigh’s borough and parish councillors, with the exception of the Cranleigh Civic Society. Lots of developers are trying to build all over the borough and some have already made a start…

However, your father doesn’t feel quite the same way as you do, and neither do many other people in Waverley. Go on… read his letter in the Surrey Ad. Here’s just a few sentences of what he had to say a few months ago:

“Facilities and  roads first please. The two Richards use the word sustainability as a bedrock of their argument in favour of Berkeley Homes and the KPI. But sustainability might also be applied to other  important things – like sustainability of the green fields around our village.”

“There are only B roads in Cranleigh. There is no railway station. Surely housing development policy should require both? A friend of mine said this week he had to wait five weeks to get a blood test at Cranleigh Health Centre. When he challenged this, the response he got was, we have to look after 18,000 patients”

“Currently there have been outline planning applications for 1,700 homes – perhaps 5,000 or more people. Can you begin to imagine the traffic? And how about just building on the brown field sites and building a light railway to Guildford?”

He ends with – “Does this make me sound like a NIMBY?” Perish the thought you would ever call Mr Bamford Snr one of those, would you Martin?

Enough, enough we hear you cry – but you are entitled to your own opinion.

By the by… you now need to find 10 contributors to this blog and judging by the comments we are receiving at, there is a mounting band of WW Brothers out there, eager to spill the beans. We will pledge to ensure it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If we get it wrong we will say so.

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