If it fails – will you resign? That is the Question.

At a recent Waverley Borough Council Executive Meeting, during the Informal Public Questions session, Farnham resident Jerry Hyman pressurised the Conservative Leadership regarding their misguided Spatial Strategy.

He posed the Question – if the Third Local Plan fails will you resign?

It seems that in their relentless pursuit of defying the legislation, the Waverley Leadership chose denial and a pretence that the decision being made wasn’t a decision and now The Chief Planning Officer has resigned. Maybe he could see the writing on the wall and thought he might end up unemployable? if he continues to steer the good ship Waverley’s present course?

Apologies in advance that the video is a little bit shaky. But Farnham residents have been forced to provide their own record of Waverley’s dealings because the website, which has not been properly operational since early November  has not been repaired! Openness -Transparency humbug!  Of course, informal questions are not webcast anyway – we wonder why?


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A fortnight later at the Full Council Meeting, Members meekly agreed to note the decision that wasn’t a decision, to head off in the same unlawful direction as failed in 2006.
As the-Leader Richard Gates finally admitted to the December 2009 Council Meeting (after three years of denial), the 2006 attempt failed because WBC could not answer the Inspector’s ‘Supplementary Question on Appropriate Assessment [AA] and Mitigation’.
They still don’t have the evidence required to produce a satisfactory AA, and the law hasn’t changed

One of the main architects of the Daft Local Plan, Chief Planning Officer Matthew Evans has resigned and will soon be on his way to his new job in Basingstoke. Another  Senior Planning Officer has already gone…


WW asks:  When will all the rest abandon the sinking good ship Waverley? Perhaps when the bogeyman steps in, because we understand that the Inspector is watching us, watching you!



2 thoughts on “If it fails – will you resign? That is the Question.”

  1. There seems to be an inevitability about all this – unless the quiet Conservative majority rise up and rebel it seems that nothing is going to change

    1. WW believes the quiet Conservative majority is beginning to make itself heard and may very well rebel. Most have lost faith in their leadership – it has to change for all our sakes. WW

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