Councils in Waverley are urging everyone to object to an appeal by UCOG to drill in Dunsfold.

On one side of the borough, the townsfolk of Cranleigh are fighting to stop a gas-fired electricity generating plant. On the other side of the town, others are working to stop UK Oil & Gas(UCOG) from exploratory drilling in Dunsfold. 

Here’s a link to an earlier post on the Cranleigh Plan – which has yet to be determined: Will Cranleigh be part of the biggest ever energy shake-up in the UK energy sector?
In a pincer movement, local parish councils are urging everyone to write to a Government Inspector to oppose UCOG’s plans to drill on the High Loxley Road, Dunsfold. The site is near the aptly named Pratts Corner! 
However, as Peter Lambert-Hartley remarked:
‘Good Luck with that.
I logged into the ‘User-Hostile’ Government Planning Inspectorate Appeals Casework Portal. After FINALLY managing to get the website to accept my details, and password (after 3 attempts), I was asked to give full details of the planned Development, including area and space and locality.
The Government Portal REFUSED to accept the reference.’
 UKOG is appealing the decision by Surrey County Council to refuse the proposed drilling for exploratory oil and gas in Dunsfold.
Alfold Parish Council (alongside other local councils) have resolutely objected to the application on the grounds of traffic, traffic safety, amenity value/impact on the landscape and local businesses in-line with objections raised by Waverley Borough Council.
Waverley has been granted leave to be a material part of the hearing alongside the Surrey County Council.

County planners have refused the application TWICE, but Ashley Ward, the Alfold owner of the land refuses to accept the local decision and is pinning all his hopes on the Government over-ruling local decision-makers.

The Appeal is listed for July and evidence can be submitted by residents, but there is not much time as this must be done by 6th April 2021, directly to the Planning Inspector online at quoting reference APP/B3600/W/21/3268579 (Loxley Well Site) or write to:
Elizabeth Humphrey
The Planning Inspectorate
3/J Kite Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Bristol BS1 6PN

Alfold Parish Council says it will be submitting further written submissions to the Planning Inspector, with particular reference to its previous concerns, however, it is urging everyone to do the same using the contact details above.

You may like to list personal concerns, including (but not limited to):
  1. 1. Any concerns you may have about traffic safety (extra-large abnormal loads and articulated tankers are not the same as smaller ‘HGVs’ and are unsuited to the local roads)
  2. 2. Mention your use and enjoyment of the local Public Rights of Way network (noting that the important Bridleway 280 passes through the field in which the oil/gas well is proposed)
  3. 3. Mention your love of the countryside (the oil/gas well will be visible from Hascombe Hill AONB, and is in farmland designated as being of Great Landscape Value) even more important since pandemic?
  4. 4. Mention the negative impact on local businesses, while no proven benefit of oil/gas (even if it is found, which is uncertain).
 Any questions, contact Julie:

4 thoughts on “Councils in Waverley are urging everyone to object to an appeal by UCOG to drill in Dunsfold.”

  1. The underlying problem in Surrey County Council’s defence of their weak refusal is the under qualified, unconvincing and unprofessional planning officers who don’t believe in any of the reasons to refuse. At each of the Committee Meetings we routinely saw schoolboy errors, complacency, and incompetence. Managing a coherent presentation appeared to beyond them. The officer demonstrated he had not exercised due diligence in questioning applicants evidence and he appeared to act as the oil company’s agent and advocate. They compounded the problem by presenting unvalidated evidence as fact. This left the committees in difficult positions attempting to determine the UKOG case from inadequate, illogical reports and officer recommendations. And then we had the disgraceful steering and misdirection from the legal team to steer the Committee away from the original, strong reasons to refuse. Now Surrey have an appeal defence team that advocated approval – not refusal. God help us.

  2. Not being funny but when have we ever seen anything else? For goodness sakes provide people with Knowledge – I am not dissing the Young – But so many have no idea what they are talking about and are put into situations they shouldn’t be – It is unfair on them and everyone else

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