Drop the Copse.

The parish council may have objected to the Copse – but what the Cop?

WB Councillor Kevin Deanus may have a different view?

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Surrey Advertiser

15.12.11 – Alfold planning application for 55 houses

Having already opposed the Springbok Development for over 500 Homes – a school,  etc, etc, submitted by Charity, Care Ashore, village leaders in Alfold have kicked another one into touch.

Although the planning authority – just in case you wondered who that is – its is Waverley Borough Council – doesn’t actually get around too quickly to determining planning applications, the same cannot be said for the locals.

Alfold Parish Council has objected to this application and its reasons for doing so have been sent to the borough council.

WW wonders how many more it will kick into touch…watch this space…


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