Dick Turpin rides again and again…

Just a little something to cheer up all our readers who may be feeling a bit hung over after the New Year festivities.

You will be delighted to know that a Freedom of Information request has revealed that “Our Waverley”  their words not ours – has collected 10,039 fixed penalty notices (FPN’s) in our car parks this year to the end of October. This generated £215,527 – nice little earner eh?

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 21.47.32.png
Just in case you have never had one this is a FPN


Guess where the No 1 hotspot is…..over there in the beleaguered East of the borough in poor old Cranleigh. With more than 500 motorists issued with parking tickets.

Steer clear of Cranleigh eh shoppers!

Add that to the overpayment revenue. Machines not giving change – no figures provided for 2013/14 or 2014/15 but in 2012/13 it was a stupendous £81,205. We await the past two year’s figures from Waverley in the spirit of openness and transparency – without a FOI request – at contact@waverleyweb.org  Don’t worry we won’t hold our breath!

Read dick turpin rides again 

2,324 drivers contested their tickets and 1,743 were successful. The message there then is contest our ticket punters because someone has obviously been overzealous!

Lessons to be learned:-

Park within the lines or they will have you; display your ticket properly; whatever you do don’t park in a disabled, or residents’ space or it will cost you £70.

Believe or not WBC issued 928 tickets less than the same period last year.No wonder there is a 7.5% increase in car parking charges.

The reason for this said a council spokesman: “revenue has been ploughed back into improving the borough’s car parks and the introduction of the pay by phone service. Which unfortunately has been withdrawn and  it is now working with other local authorities to get a new contract in place.” Don’t we all wonder why?

P.S we have just heard from one of our Cranleigh contributors that the Traffic Warden was spreading tickets around like confetti on Boxing Day yes Boxing Day – you know the Season of Goodwill and all that ..at 10 a.m. in the Stockland Square car park. 

If you can bear to listen to this brave Farnham man questioning the 7.5% increase just imposed on Waverley motorists. Here it is…


Peter Porcupine YouTube Channel15.10.30 – The parking is fine as it is thank you-1



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