Get Your Waders Out – Cranleigh!

We are currently  inundated with pictures and reports of flooding from Cranleigh folk – thank you all,  WW is as concerned as you are.

We were unable to ask the Cranleigh Society for permission to use this film from its amazingly good website without revealing our identity. So – thank you.  We would like to link your site to ours to enable the  rising number of WW followers to read the comprehensive information/news it contains. So please give us permission by responding to contact@waverleyweb.org where your comments will be treated with the utmost confidence. WW will of course, remove the post immediately if it is the CCS’s wish.

In view of the fact that Cranleigh – according to the records -has wallowed in floodwater many times in the past 50 years, the latest in 2013/14 and it is getting pretty wet out there now,  there are some very worried people looking skyward.

Here are a few recent comments from Facebook over there in Cranleigh.

We live near the sewage works and it’s been quite concerning that our downstairs toilet has been gurgling all morning due to all this rain! They want to build more houses yet our sewage works / drainage can’t cope with a day or two of rain now!!!

Caroline Ree The ditches running along the north side of Elmbridge Road are full to the brim.

Lucy Stevens Some pics of Knowle Park Fields

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.56.42.png
Knowle Park, Cranleigh.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 14.56.53.pngCRANLEIGH SITS ON WEALDEN CLAY THAT’S WHY IT FLOODS!

A Facebook follower who had lived in Cranleigh for 50 years says it has always flooded and will only be made worse by more development.

Here is where they want to build them.

No doubt potential buyers  will have read recently that the Flood Insurance Scheme to have been launched in 2012 to help flood victims is still not operating. Many victims in the north and Scotland either have no insurance or will face huge excesses.

It will now be in place in April, they say!

“£100 excesses have become £5,000 excesses.”

“No Company will cover us.”

“Premium shot up ten fold.”

£180 million cover promised 3 years ago where is it?


Picture Caption – from the CCS is of Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh near Rydinghurst Cottage which remained under floodwater for many months after the 2014 floods.

There are currently plans – excuse the pun – in the pipelinee – to build 265 at West Cranleigh Nurseries, another 75 on a site nearby, all adjoining a site at Hewitts Industrial Estate for 120 and other at Berkeley Homes for 425 – an appeal just about to go to public inquiry.

It is no secret that new properties built in Cranleigh in the past few years are already showing signs of movement due to their location on heavy clay.  Soon more homes could be built on flood plains as the developers march onto the East of the borough.

It appears according to the locals that Crest Nicholson has now made a start on the first phase of 149 homes in Horsham Road, has put in another application in for 200 and is working on phase three. Cala Homes hopes to get onto its site at Amlets Park, Amlets Lane in the Spring to build 125 so we hear from our followers over there.

Facebook Sunday 3rd January 2016. Calling for Sandbags in Hitherwood.” 

Where is Hitherwood? Adjoining the Crest Nicholson site where the diggers have already moved in?

Others says homes in the Cranleigh area are being blighted by dozens of planning applications now in the pipeline. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 22.45.52.png

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