The Bamford Ometer swings again!

The mouthpiece used by Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has been spouting again, this time on behalf of Brian Ellis & Co – which presumably includes The Chamber Pot Chairman Richard Graham and The Flying Dutchman’s retail arm aka Nicholas Vrijland.

Guess what he said on Facebook according to one of our followers who  alerted us to the fact.

Martin Bamford   said on Facebook – 17th December.

He was referring to a bid by some parish councillors to sell the Beryl Harvey Memorial Field to WBC for a housing development. Presumably Mr Bamford believes the land donated by Mr Harvey in memory of his wife, for a conservation area, should now make way for housing? If we are wrong we are sure Mr Bamford will tell us?

“It was right for Councillor Brian  Ellis to originally raise the suggestion but debate never should have been deferred by ex-Cllr Reed”



read link :

Does he know the laws of libel? You cannot describe anyone as being an ex councillor only as a  former councillor. Really Mr Bamford – ye who threatens libel proceedings!

only moments later he posted…

“Pleased to see cpc ( Cranleigh Parish Council ) finally resolve the question of building on BHMF (Beryl Harvey Memorial Field ) last night.”  

He must feel quite dizzy. WW is  surprised he hasn’t dislocated his neck he does so many volte faces! We presume he was at the December parish meeting? Answers on a postcard to











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