To be or not to be?

WW found this little gem on the widely read on-line newspaper which has over 97,000 hits per month and which now covers the Waverley Borough. Do read it because  Alan Young the Surrey County Councillor for Cranleigh and Ewhurst, who was kicked out as chairman of the Guildford  Conservative Association has now been de-selected for the Surrey County Council seat. But he  could  now be on his way to us – in Farnham.


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Alan Young and is wife Victoria are moving over to  Jeremy Hunt’s patch having incurred the wrath of the Guildford Conservative Assocation  who make no secret of the fact that Young and his predecessor Andew Povey (former Chairman of SCC) are not top of its Christmas Card list!

Guildford Conservatives took a vote of no confidence in Chairman Young. But as we all know Tories don’t wash their dirty linen in the public wash-house, so they issued bland statements to the media as the knives were withdrawn!

Taken from The Dragon article:

Last Wednesday, Mrs Milton, when asked to confirm news of the vote of no confidence in Mr Young said: “Conservative association affairs are private, not for the outside world. It is a private matter.”

In the past infighting in political parties took second place to the real issues that affect voters’ everyday lives…dream on!  What about openness and transparency? 

Compare this with a statement from her party leader, David Cameron, in the Daily Telegraph, July 6, 2011: “We are creating a new era of transparency.”

So there we are then:  

Guildford’s gain could be our loss over here in the Farnham South West Surrey constituency area. Off goes Munro to the Police Commissioners job, after all he is sure to  obtain that role and in comes the Young duo? Or maybe not?

When the Farnham Herald and the Hslemere Herald pick this up off the Waverley Web – as they surely will – they may warn voters and pose these questions:

  • Do they want another Conservative Association’s cast off?
  • Do they want this man who has been rumoured to have been up to all sorts of tricks including:
  1. Holding secret meetings with developers in an attempt to create a new town in Cranleigh
  2. Telephoning developers to ask them to work together to  get the show on the road.
  3. buying a property from the chairman of Ewhurst Parish Council who sought pre-application advice from Waverley Planners and then sold the property to …guess who? Mr and Mrs Young just in case they might want to become developers?  read post:
  4. The man who saved another disgraced Tory Councillor from being kicked out of the Association for the second time, by withdrawing his evidence from Tory Central Office at the 11th hour. The very same woman who prompted the, then Chairman of the Guildford Conservative Association to say – “I wonder after hearing evidence here this evening why any young person would ever want to be a part of this organisation. I am so ashamed.”
  5. The man whose reputation went before him and was turned down by Horsham Conservatives as its Parliamentary Candidate!

We could go on, but we won’t in the interest of our readers’ boredom threshold!



The Bamford Ometer swings again!

The mouthpiece used by Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce has been spouting again, this time on behalf of Brian Ellis & Co – which presumably includes The Chamber Pot Chairman Richard Graham and The Flying Dutchman’s retail arm aka Nicholas Vrijland.

Guess what he said on Facebook according to one of our followers who  alerted us to the fact.

Martin Bamford   said on Facebook – 17th December.

He was referring to a bid by some parish councillors to sell the Beryl Harvey Memorial Field to WBC for a housing development. Presumably Mr Bamford believes the land donated by Mr Harvey in memory of his wife, for a conservation area, should now make way for housing? If we are wrong we are sure Mr Bamford will tell us?

“It was right for Councillor Brian  Ellis to originally raise the suggestion but debate never should have been deferred by ex-Cllr Reed”



read link :

Does he know the laws of libel? You cannot describe anyone as being an ex councillor only as a  former councillor. Really Mr Bamford – ye who threatens libel proceedings!

only moments later he posted…

“Pleased to see cpc ( Cranleigh Parish Council ) finally resolve the question of building on BHMF (Beryl Harvey Memorial Field ) last night.”  

He must feel quite dizzy. WW is  surprised he hasn’t dislocated his neck he does so many volte faces! We presume he was at the December parish meeting? Answers on a postcard to