The Ewhurst Drummer Boy

Could the Ewhurst Drummer Boy’s legal boys have frightened Waverley Planners into reconsidering how it deals with major applications in the future?

WW has noticed the following in Waverley’s Executive Committee paperwork – It is setting up a Special Interest Group to look at its Constitution. This little snippet jumped off the page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 17.01.14
Excerpt from Page 11 – Public Reports pack 1st Dec 2015

Item B may not look significant to the uninitiated, but it does have huge implications for how Waverley considers major schemes.


Ewhurst Landowner, Kenney Jones has a whopping £100m scheme to build an impressive upmarket Polo Club/Hotel/Spa/Polo Stables and more, to rival a handful of others in the South East and provide much needed jobs.

The former Who and Small Faces drummer boy, whose legendary concerts for charitable causes are well known, has crossed swords with WBC, because it refused to allow its Main Planning Committee to consider his scheme. Officers threw it out, claiming they have the mandate to make  decisions as it was not, “a large scale housing scheme.”

The local councillor for Ewhurst, refused to call the application in (only the local member has that right), because the local anti’s- had given her a good drubbing! 

In Cranleigh, the developers have better luck with their local councillors, because they have the Ellis Duo, who do their bidding. Hence why the drummer boy is feeling miffed. He wanted a level playing polo field.

A top property Barrister has taken issue with Waverley Borough Council for ignoring its own rules when dealing with major development schemes – warning them they are vulnerable to both legal challenges and costs because their actions are “unlawful” in the way they have dealt with this “unique development.”

This is one small extract from the letter he sent.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 19.26.36

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