Watch your questions punters and don’t dare to wish Waverley councillors a Happy Christmas.

It would appear some Waverley residents are not having  much luck in bringing our elected representatives to account or even wishing them yule tidings of great joy.

As many of us know, asking questions becomes ever more difficult in the Council Chamberpot – or anywhere else for that matter. Once upon a time, when people mattered more than politicians you could speak for four minutes, even longer – now its down to two minutes, and it has to be a Question, no statements.  Ye Gods is this Waverley or Wladivostock? 

There are green traffic lights to warn you when to start, when to get a move on and red to ensure you stop – even if you haven’t quite finished.

Democracy is a wonderful thing to watch, isn’t it? Oh no you probably won’t be able to watch, only listen, as the webcast hasn’t been working for weeks.

Openness – Honesty, Transparency?

A Farnham resident who has fallen foul is Gerry Hyman-the proverbial thorn in Waverley’s side who wants an up-date on progress on Waverley’s Nemesis – the proposed East Street development. He wanted info on the latest dodgy goings on..and wanted to wish them Happy Christmas, into the bargain! He told WW “some councillors are decent honest  folk who are trying to do their best.”

This is the Question that he has been told he is not allowed to ask at the Full Council meeting on Tuesday. So WW will ask it for him…

At the July Council meeting Members were told that the decision to proceed with the removal of the Gostrey Centre from the East Street scheme had already been made by the previous Administration, but in reality that decision is yet to be made, as the removal of the Gostrey Centre as a Required Element and the granting of Landlord Consent for the changes to the scheme should come to Full Council for approval, with the Funding and Viability considerations, before the scheme can progress under an unconditional contract. July Council was also told that variation of the Memorial Hall Deed of Covenant would not be necessary, but as it precludes giving the Gostrey Centre a Lease it’s clear that a Variation of the Deed should be obtained – and as that can be a lengthy process, I’d specifically ask that your update includes details of progress and particularly, whether and when the Executive or Council can expect to be asked to agree that Officers pursue an application for a deed of variation.

You  can read more on the Memorial Hall/Brightwells Gostrey issue by clicking on the post All Things Not so Bright and Beautiful.

He also wanted to Wish  Councillors a Very Happy Christmas, but he has been told he cannot – so we will do it for him.

Happy Christmas Waverley 

P.S Dear Commissar Weasel Wenham ED Waverley BC. You can provide WW with the answer to the question he wasn’t allowed to ask…to – however, we aren’t holding our breath.



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