Has D-Day arrived?

 The famous Flying Scotsman  completed its refurbishment recently now the other, less famous, Flying Scotsman’s innovative plan for a new village at Dunsfold Park is on track.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.26.27Could a new village on Surrey’s most secret airfield become a reality. The long awaited planning application probably arrived at The Burys on a fork lift truck this week. It contained plans for 1,800 new homes, a primary school, day nursery, doctor’s surgery, a country park, retail space and a church, plus  more if required over the next decade and all attached to the borough’s largest employment site which is set to  expand.

Scottie & Co appear to have put away the shortbread and jumped on the developers’ bandwagon that is rolling through Waverley.

Many Waverley councillors have been holding their breath waiting for the paperwork to arrive, others have been calling for it, saying there should be many more homes in line with the results of the public consultation exercise. Others are equally determined the Borough’s green fields should be built on despite 80% of residents saying they wanted brown field sites developed before sacrificing green fields to concrete.

Last week we heard that Surrey County Councillor Alan Young is calling for the Greenway to be opened up from Cranleigh to Guildford as a transport route. He wants this to enable more than 1,000 homes for – Cranleigh New Town. Now, more than 2,000 people have signed a petition to open up the route.

Funny old world isn’t it when Scottie opened up the debate more than five years ago for a transport system along the Greenway and attached to his scheme to build 2,600 homes in his Eco Village, all he received was a giant raspberry.

Some say O’Scottie Boy was way ahead of his time! Or could he soon by Flying high?

15.11.19 - Waverley ignores public consultation copy

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The Farnham and Haslemere  Heralds’ are full of it!

15.12.10 – Dunsfold dream a bit closer

15.12.10 – Dunsfold dream a bit closer

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