Calling Time in Godalming

We would have liked to pop up a picture of the newly elected/newly resigned Godalming Town Councillor Joy Woodham – unfortunately she resigned before her picture and details were posted on the Town Council website!  Unless of course she’s already been ditched. They don’t hang about in Godalming do they? Here today, gone tomorrow…

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 14.18.20.png

Apparently, she resigned due to irreconcilable differences with the rest of the  councillors. No change there then. Could it possibly have anything to do with her links to Farncombe Day Centre we wonder? After all, Waverley is doing the dirty on most of the borough’s centres for the elderly.

Here’s what some of the locals say:


And here’s what we think…
Wake up (and smell the aroma of the town’s coffee shops) Godalming ! Don’t let our town councillors call the tune and co-opt into a Tory ‘YES MAN or WOMAN’ to replace someone who dared to disagree… Call a By-Election and do it NOW! 

Good on you Julia and Steve – let’s hope Godalming residents are listening to you.


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