You are right Mr Robini – fraud is a very serious matter.


Who knew, what, when, and how, but definitely not why, a £200,000 fraud wasn’t revealed before the May election.











Yes, former WBC Councillor for Haslemere Robini – you are of course, quite right. As a well-respected Surrey Police Officer, if anyone should how serious fraud is… you should. 

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But hang on… Don’t we have a former Police Officer leading Waverley Borough Council? But then he and his team didn’t want any more of your lot, (Councillor Robini was a former Lib Dem, Waverley councillor) there to   question every move, after all, that smacks of democracy!  So they covered up the fraud… waited… hoping no-one would blow the whistle …Ah, but they did…  and it was a member of staff no less… brave man/woman that you are. Please contact us at

This is the response to a formal question from Hugo Alexander of UKIP to   the Overview  & Scrutiny  (hereinafter referred to as the “Never view and bury it committee” last Monday.  He wanted to know who actually hid the fraud:

Here are the people who knew all about it – did you vote them back in..? But you didn’t know then did you!

Brian Adams; Carole King; Robert Knowles; Tom Martin; Julia Potts; Comrade Stefan Reynolds; Simon Thornton; Jenny Else; Mike Band; Tony Gordon-Smith, Simon Isherwood; Wyatt Ramsdale; Stewart Stennett.

Past councillors,Donal O’Neill; Jennifer (never to be seen O’Grady;) Richard Gates; Adam-Taylor Smith;

What a merry little bunch. But don’t forget they argue the information was in the Audit Papers!

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