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If you have ever wondered how planning applications ever get through the system, watch the WBC webcast of the Eastern Area Planning Committee meeting on the 12th August 2015 and see how it should not be done. Unless someone has trashed it! The best bits start at about 1.14.38  if you can’t face watching the whole thing! Just watch from 1.18.35 – 1.22.I

If you just can’t face it, take our word for it – it’s bad, really bad.

So knotted, were the knickers of Councillor Jenny Else chairing   – or  attempting  to chair the Eastern Area Planning Committee, that it was difficult to determine what the eventual decision was. Even the applicant was totally baffled, bothered and bewildered. Particularly when someone suggested asking him in the public gallery what he though they should do and would he like to withdraw the application.

Such a proverbial mess did she get into, over the Tortoise & Hare Bicycle shop’s application to extend its premises in Bramley High Street, that several members had to wade in and extricate her from the mess she was in.

Former Chairman, Cllr Brian Ellis visibly winced when after listening to suggestions, counter suggestions, and  more suggestions  how the scheme could be deferred, he tried to find a route out whilst they were still peddling furiously uphill getting nowhere. Thank God for Cranleigh Cllr Stewart Stenett, who, after  describing himself as The Common Cranleigh digger driver”, said: For goodness sake, let’s just defer it.”

Watch it for yourselves, if you can bear it, and pray your planning application has better luck. After all, it is possible Elsie may soon be on her bike. However, it is probably early days – she has only been a councillor for eight years, and it is a steep learning curve for some.

Thank God for the Cranleigh Digger Driver!

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