NEWLANDS CORNER – A better experience?

Newlands Corner here we come...
Newlands Corner here we come…

OH! what would we do without them. Those well meaning, over paid, highly pensioned Whalleys at Surrey County Council who have decided to give us all a better experience at the famous Surrey beauty spot at Newlands Corner at a cost of  £400,000.

Introducing the dumb idea, Councillor Mark Goodman, cabinet member for Environment and Planning, said the aim was to provide a better experience for everyone.


By introducing parking charges!

£1 up to 60 mins, £2 for for an hour to two hours, £3 for two to three hours and for more than three hours a flat charge just £4. Watch out!  here come the traffic wardens…

Says WW: By the way – if you also want to breathe the fresh clean air, and take in the views, throw SCC  another fiver why don’t you the new pension guru Alan Young is now in charge so no worries there then! 

Remember,  Councillor Goodman, said the aim was to ensure everyone can continue enjoying the Surrey countryside we all value. Ye, thanks for reminding us, to value the Surrey countryside, obviously a great deal more than you do, Waverley residents  have been walking there for years, and many are elderly.  Still never mind they can pop up and enjoy the Royal Surrey County Hospital car park for only slightly more!

OMG! Waverley Borough Council will be reading this blog and charging us for parking at all its beauty sports Devil’s Punchbowl/HankleyCommon/Frensham Ponds….Oops The National Trust is already doing that, but I am sure if it tries hard enough it will find one.

Newlands Corner attracts 550,000 visitors a year and Councillor Goodman and Co want to ensure the facilities there are improved to make The Surrey Wildlife Trust self-sufficient to enable Surrey County Council to gradually remove its funding.  How – we wonder? Perhaps a theme park might be a good idea, what about A Costa Coffee Shop or a Pound Shop.

The first will be a family play trail – what the hell is that all about? The second phase is a new building including a Cafe and Education experience – well that would be great – all Surrey County Councillors should pop along and be educated about what the public in Surrey want from their wide open spaces.

He says: If you can bear to hear it.

“Our ultimate aim is to make countryside sites become self-financing and this is the first stage.” 

YE gods – what’s the second stage? It wouldn’t be making a profit out of the treasured site, would it? Why leave the Surrey Hills untouched, surely you can make a few bob there too.

At least he makes one honest statement: “It is worth also noting there is heavy strain on budgeting from rising demand for adult social care and school places.” 

Ah! so that is what it is all about and there we were thinking that the county council would raise  the council tax.


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