Top Cop? No, not really – it cannot be? Can it?

Did you know that this cheerful chappie has been selected as the Tory candidate for next year’s Police & Crime Commissioner’s plumply salaried job…


£70,000 and not a penny less…

David Munroe says he will resign from Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council if he gets the job. Well, that’s one little ray of sunshine, as there will be a by-election and we hope to God that either an independent or a Farnham Residents’ candidate will get in.

David Munro was Chairman of the Conservative Group at Surrey County Council last year, raking in around £30,000. Seems he might be on his personal gravy train, chasing even more money and entitlements. He is also largely responsible for the ‘Great Royal Deer scam’ in Crest Nicholson’s East Street Plans, when he was Chairman of the SCC/WBC local Committee, which hid the fact, that the new road scheme in the CN’s charade is impractical.

Cllr Pat Frost
Cllr Pat Frost

‘Frost Bite’ (aka Cllr Pat Frost) succeeded him and perpetuates the lies. WBC’s ‘love-in’ with Crest Nicholson, resulted in its refusal to consider any genuine solutions to Farnham’s traffic problems for 13 years. Now the same pretence, is the basis of the Draft Spatial Strategy. There you are then… lies, lies and more damned lies…

In the meantime, David Munro is now promoting Jeremy Hunt’s barmy ideas for gridlocking other parts of Farnham, where they have SCC evaluating the daft concept of making a short section of a three-way system into two-way.

Bit like making part of the Shepherd & Flock roundabout two-way.  Oh My God, we shouldn’t mention it or they may take us up on it…

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