Rubber Band?

Is  our less than Worshipful Mayor of Waverley Towers intent on shooting himself in the foot? Or, does he think he can just “bounce” back from breaking rules in the council’s book?

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WW understands that some at Waverley are less than chuffed at the loose cannon that Mayor Mike Band has become. Perhaps he shouldn’t have taken on the supposed -“uncontroversial” role if he didn’t want to keep his mouth shut.

No – he was determined that his own deadly analysis of the Draft Spatial Strategy – (for our followers the plan of how many homes should be built in the borough and where,) was dropped in front of every councillor at the meeting, even though he wasn’t there. Not too long ago MP Anne Milton did that too!

Seems to WW Mr Mayor, that you have some pretty controversial views. But, given that Chief Planning Officer Matthew Evans (you must work seven days a week in future-according to Councillor Jim Edwards.)  That the Plan making process has to be “evidence, evidence, evidence”, based. Those still awaiting the vital reports from the Transport and Habitats Assessments,  which determine the Spatial Strategy, have to admit  that your final conclusion that everyone in Waverley (except of course the Executive, who make all the decisions,and only pay lip service to the O & S Committee,would find it hard to disagree with: Here’s what he said:

“Given the land availability constraints identified, surely more work should focus on developing a Spatial Strategy which justifies on sustainability grounds, why the Strategic Housing Assessment figures cannot be met”

Well said Mr Mayor, that’s a pretty good counter motion for the 15 December Full Council meeting. But, maybe someone else should propose  it…not you…

Isn’t it blindingly obvious that if the Executive and the Council were to agree the Spatial Strategy in December, they’d be pre-determining Councillors’ future consideration of the evidence?  No change there then – 

Are the party whip bullies really so powerful that they can win a vote even when it’s no more than a simple test of dishonesty and stupidity. Or will the backbenchers be told that if they cannot vote for the Spatial Strategy – don’t turn up for the meeting! After all it won’t be the first time.

By the way Mr Mayor – you say Dunsfold would more likely meet the needs of Horsham residents’ – does that apply to Cranleigh too? Perhaps you should pop over the border one day – see for yourself – Horsham BC is cracking on and meeting its housing need, with thousands of homes already built – and much of the traffic is already going through your patch in Bramley!

Take off your Robe Mr Mayor – and get back on the benches – either that, or shut the hell up and open fetes!

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