There’s another Bobby on the Waverley beat…

Cllr Kevin Deanus
Cllr Kevin Deanus

We can all rest easily in our beds – because former police officer Kevan Deanus has been awarded the Portfolio for ‘Olds’.

The laughing policeman has had a meteoric rise to power, achieving an appointment to Waverley’s Executive in his first term as a borough councillor. Could he have been heaved up the ladder of success by the other Bobby, who is nearing the end of his illustrious career as Leader.

WW’s money is on a takeover by the Potty Totty.  Councillor Deans, the member for Alfold is already showing signs of standing up for the people he was elected to represent. Watch out Deanus, it could be contagious, and you’re hardly into the 14th chapter of the Induction Training Manual.

Watch his progress on the Waverley beat – he will be well tested when he makes a stand on whether the village he represents, should be more than doubled in size…

One thought on “There’s another Bobby on the Waverley beat…”

  1. I believe this councillor, has been pushed forward by another councillor who has been in job a long time councillor Betty Ames? trained and schooled in the art of a councillor!

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