Vanity Press. Who’s paying for it? Yup, you guessed it..

Via Farnham Herald 12 Nov 2015
Via Farnham Herald 12 Nov 2015

Yup, there’s nothing like putting on a toothy grin and telling truths, half truths… and some downright misleading lies… The Newsletter to which Mr Wylde from Farnham refers to, was once called ‘Making Waves‘ now the title has been changed to ‘Your Waverley’.

‘Our Waverley’! Oh, how we laughed! WBC – you don’t listen to a damn word we, the public say, are you trying to suggest that you are about to start listening to your residents..?

WBC knows damned well that it needed to change the name because it was most definitely making waves – but more like a Tsunami than gentle ripples. WBC have teams of people churning out anodyne press releases giving their spin on all things Waverley – these then become gospel, according to whichever newspaper prints them, so quite why they need their own vanity publishing machine, paid for by us don’t forget, is beyond us…

WBC are keen to hear your feedback, so do please let them know:

This magazine is produced for you, so we want to know what you think of it, or if you have any ideas that could be included in future editions. Please email your suggestions to

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